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I went to a class today on my pre-transplant kidney and I have also went to the dialysis classes. My problem im having is the decision to go on dialysis and then get a transplant or just remain on dialysis forever till I am comfortable enough to go thru the transplant procedure. To be honest im scared as hell about the transplant, if I do reject it then im back to where I started, or if its a success then i can get back to normal and not to relay on a machine to keep me alive. But the precentage of rejection is pretty low according to them. And then I need to figure out if I want on a donor list or do I put my family or friends to the trouble of seeing if they are a match for me as a living donor, ITS ALOT HARDER ON THE DONOR THEN IT IS ONN THE RECIEPTIANT AND I CANT SEE PUTTING MY LOVED ONES THROUGH THE PAIN JUST FOR ME? CAN SOMEBODY MAYBE HELP ME OUT HERE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF SOMEONE KNOWS OF ONE THATS GONE THROUGH THE TRANSPLANT OR DIALYSIS AND WHAT THEIR EXPERIENCE IS AND I KNOW EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT BUT I NEED SUPPORT RIGHT NOW AND HELP WITH THIS DESCION ITS A VERY HARD ONE I HAVE QUIT A FEW THAT WANT TESTED AS LIVING DONOR BUT I DONT WANT TO SEE THEM HURTING FROM KEEPING ME LIVING AND WATCHING THEM SUFFER EITHER WAY I DECIDE TO GO SO PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT ON IF YOU WERE IN MY SHOES WHAT WOULD U DO? THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD ONE HUGS AND KISSES TO EVERYONE XOXO
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