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I see you across the room And I want you so bad baby I must have you I see you looking at me too And your eyes have wanton desire I must have you now I walk across the room towards you Looking so longingly I trip over the ottoman in the middle of the floor I fall to the ground not so gracefully Who the hell still buys ottomans? I pick myself off the floor I brush myself off and start walking again Uh oh, why is the pitbull looking at me? I stop and look back at him He walks over to me and starts humping my leg I try to push him off and tell him to stop He looks at me and growls menacingly I say okay but make it fast After a whole tube of wet naps I start walking again Shit, I stepped in a garbage pail What's a garbage pail doing here? It's stuck, and I try to get it off I fall over again while I'm hopping around I get up fast and look at you with need I start again and some old lady gets in my way She starts talking about the good old days God I want you so bad it's like I won't have a next breath What is she going on about now? Flying across country for a nickel? That was never even true I tell her that I have explosive diarrhea and move on You overheard that part, and your look of desire has changed Oh no I finally get to you and you look at me like I'm a monkey An untrained monkey peeing in the centerpiece Monkeys are still cool though so I go with that Oo oo ahh ahh... and you smile You are SO mine
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