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created on 01/05/2008  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b175170
...New surprises make it infinitely more interesting. When a close friend of fifteen years (who I've been desiring to get with for just as long) suddenly announces that she now views me in an entirely different light (in a positive way), the loops get thrown into my life. She and I have a date on Friday, with no small amount of sexual tension between us being left unexpressed. We'll put it this way... I've been on cloud nine since she revealed her feelings today. I'm really looking forward to Friday, and wish it would come sooner. She and I have both decided that it would be in the best interest of humanity and the space-time continuum, that we leave Friday where it is in the week, even if it is still four days away, which causes each of us much frustration in several aspects. I feel really good about pursuing a real relationship with her, as we already have nearly fifteen years of friendship behind it (I met her my Freshman year of college, in the fall of 1993). The way I see it, if the romantic and physical bits work out between us, we already have the normal practicalities of most new couples well behind us. A few posts back, I posted my "Why am I not Dating" post. In it, I cited, several times, my experiences with my most recent ex, and what worked for us - namely friendship, communication, and a romantic and sexual compatibility. With the exception of the, as yet untested, romantic and sexual compatibility, she and I have everything in a far greater quantity than I've ever had with a romantic partner previously. Our attraction is far beyond physical appearances (though, admittedly, she's exceptionally cute - short, big breasts [I'm not really a breast man, but hers are still quite noticeable and quite beautiful - I know, I've had them in my mouth before], beautiful face, and a personality that just won't quit). I haven't dated in nearly two years. This is my first real date in that time. She and I are perfectly matched on several levels (we're both intellectual geeks, writers, political commentators, and generally off of the mainstream radar. We both love political arguments (or other disputes over other equally as important material), we love tossing insults at each other, we both love alternative lifestyles - both socially and sexually (no, you're not getting details). I don't want to jinx things, but I feel extremely confident that things will go well between us. We've loved each other as friends for a decade and a half. Now, we're presented with the opportunity to love each other as far more than friends. I'm up for the challenge.
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