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perfectlyinked's blog: "small town america"

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Why is it that so many men love porn but frown on a girl having nude pics online? 


why is it that any girl who does have even a hint of nudity in her pics is just crying out for the wrong sort of attention? is there no other possibility? can she not just be comfortable with or like the way she looks?

Why does it seem that nearly every guy i've ever met seems hung up on monogamy and commitment and defining a relationship?

are all men really that insecure? really?

why can't i find a "real ghostbusters" pke meter on the internet?


statistics is the worst subject. ever.


does everything i say have to be picked apart and overanalyzed? wait a minute. i'm the one going for my masters in clinical psychology. let everything the fuck go. there's not always a hidden meaning or a hidden agenda. 

where is my rob gordon?

how hard is it to understand, "i don't want ANYTHING from you. i'm going to die alone and all my cats will eat my fucking face off. and i'm ok with that"?


focus factor works.


i watch It's Always Sunny more than I should. I now reference it at least once a day. 


I finally read Slaughterhouse V. It was good. It wasn't, however, the enlightening experience I've always been told it would be and that sort of disappointed me. People should learn to shut the fuck up and not build up my expectations so I'm not sorely let down in the end. 


I heart drugs.


I'm in the middle of writing a book and I have no idea what I'm going to do when I'm done. It's going to be published. What then? Who the fuck is going to buy a book about Elvis coming back as Jesus but not really?


I need socks. 


I also need to refill my wineglass. thanks. 

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