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What a great day it is to see 8 years of a power hungry a$$hole finally end. 8 years of take from the poor and give to the rich finally over. 8 years of lying to the people. 7 years of a civil war that we dont need to be in, considering that we were told, after Viet-Nam, that we would never be in another civil war. Its a great day when a person like Barack Obama can finally be sworn in as president and Bush kicked the f out of DC. You know the note that Bush left for Obama probably says "hahaha good luck fixing what I f'ed up". Its is a great day to see hope and change. Good luck and God bless you President Obama and your family. I wish you good well while you serve not just these 4 years but hopefully 4 more.


Well people I am home for the third day and still havent gotten a decent sleep. I wish they would have left the numbing meds in my back. I can still walk, and finally have a decent BM. Getting up and down is hard. Also I was able to finally take a shower it felt great to get clean.
Well people I am back home now. The surgery went as hoped. I can walk without a cane or crutch again. My legs dont go numb or limp. WOOHOO I will be able to return to work in a few months. Right now I am in pain because they had to cut through 7 layers of muscle. The surgery took longer than planned because the L5 and S1 had mushroomed quite a bit and when they shaved them smooth they open a bit of marrow. Also because the disc was not Herniated they had a harder time removing it. I am pumping up my fiber, protein, and iron in my diet to had more for my body to rebuild the muscle faster. The muscle should be fine within a month I hope and the bones should be done within 6 months. As for driving a truck I will be able to get the waiver to drive and get back to making money. WOOHOO!!!!
OMG 1 more day til surgery. I am soo nervous yet I am also not nervous. I know that if the surgery works I will be able to get back to driving within 6 months, but if it doesnt work I will be in the same place I am now, and that is on the brink of disability. I am going to do exactly what my surgeon says to do after surgery so that I can heal correctly and get back to work.
OK well great news, finally got approval for surgery. SO in a month I will be in the hospital for a week. But by 6-9 months I will be able to get back to driving a truck. Woohoo. Wish me luck


This is bulls**t I am waiting here to see if I will have surgery and now AIG is playing fing games with my workers comp check. GD my family is running out of food and they dont give a flying F.
Sorry I havent been online people I have been researching my pending back surgery, and I have work that I can do. I found a lovely lady that is giving me all kinds of wood that I can use to build a porch, shed, and I even built a drag(its a weed puller/dirt leveler that can be pulled by a truck or car to clear weeds or level your land) I pulled it all over my back yard and cleared up a lot of the big truck size weeds. I will get back to rating soon and talking to everyone soon. BBL
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