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this is my first blog on here so.. bear with me..

if  you took the time to read this.. MANY THANKS.

so im not used to writing publicly so bear with me,as i get ideas..

i have a lot of time on my hands.. as im currently looking for work.. which sucks. in the last year i have worked on job.. which paid minimum wage ie (7.40 hr)... i worked at price rite as a cashier.. guess what.. go fired. yeah you read that right fired.. not for stealing, or having an attitide with my supervisors, or customers.. but because im a moron when it comes to simple math... seriously. im horrible.. if you put in the wrong amount on the register... your screwed if you cant do simple math... and when it comes to math... im freeze.. im get uncomfortable when i make a mistake.. With having an anxiety issue with that... not good.

so i got fired for having an OVERAGE of $7 dollars... getting fired cause your drawer is over... makes you an even bigger idiot than the people who happen to steal.. 

before that i worked for Tim Hortons.. as a baker and Crew member.. i hardly ever had to count a drawer, or use the registers,, so i didnt have to worry so much.. which is where i made my mistake... MORON.. and i actually LIKED the job of lifting things up and putting them down.... seriously for minimum wage its not a bad job.. and i was good at it.. excpt for the money part.. but they didnt even offer to retrain me or let me go to another department.. they just handed me a little white/yellow/pink paper.. and said.. sorry we have to let you go... Oh well... now off to ANOTHER month after month of trying to figure out to pay the bills, while supporting the kids, and household... fun.. not... and it sucks cause it looks like this year is gonna be another sad holiday.. cause i cant even afford the utilities.. electric is good.. but gas.. you use it to cool,clean up,wash, warm your house.. so instead of having two high bills.. my electric is SKYROCKETED. to impossible to meet prices.. even with everything in the house off half the time.. using a hotplate... DRAINS electricity ... but maybe on my next blog.. i can rant about that... wow i feel better now.. getting some of that off my chest.. if your still on this blog.. thanks for listening! more next time... thanks again for listening to my rant..

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