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Bennie's blog: "just do it"

created on 04/25/2009  |  http://fubar.com/just-do-it/b292569

It seems as if there is a group of men on here and possibly women that feel. That they need to target me for their own sick pleasure. I know who one of them is for sure now. I see them move up and me move out they say things to poison peoples mind against me. Or they just take advantage of moods they manipulate others into thinking they are their friends. You see to some of you this is just a game but their are some people on here with cancer or other sickness. Then there are those who really think that they can meet people here because of the interaction. It is only a breeding ground of people who only care about themself and being popular. 

They try to hurt me by coming between me and the people i try and become friends with. The real joke is on the person or people who allow them to come between us. For what ever petty reason or for whatever little thing they can come up with. I am only on here to meet people to be online friends with. I do not ever want to meet anyone on here it seems as if people enjoy making a game out of trying to hurt people but the joke is on them. I moved my number one for quite some time to give them time to realize that this person was no good. I knew it was just a matter of time before they went after my new number one. 

They did and the person i am afraid to say proved to be even more shallow than i gave them credit for. They are now falling right into that persons trap or esle playing along with them to hurt me. either way keep stepping when i block you. I just need to find out where you stand and in time you may come back and truly become my number one. keep trying to be a stuck on yourself idiot and people willl always run from you or hide from you since you try to make them feel smaller than you. good luck with your new friend. and staying in their number one spot LOL

when you stop and think about it sex is really for losers i mean women lose their virginity, self respect, dignity, morals, honor and pride. men lose their will their freedom their money and self respect. then you spend a lifetime using sex to get them back. is it worth it hell yes it is bring on the sexual dynamo's i am up for a challenge.

Simply put I am batman no not really I am ironman. Okay okay enough of the comic book humor. I am the person most likely to be there holding your hand when no one else is. I am the person most likely to bleed for you when you cant. I am the person who holds on to the dreams you cant. I am the person who sparks fly out my ears when your madd.

I see your ink and it is not for me but i hear the story and i understand it more. I wont ever ask about your private life I pride myself on being a friend. I define friendship as the closest relationship two people can share. True friends dont avoid you they bug you because they care. True friends dont bother you because they are there for you. I pride myself as the one everyone can count on and in the end the world will see that is true. I speak not in riddles or complex words but i am there. This world will end and i will be there for it is what i do. I am the amalgam the mixture of everyone and the anomaly the one that is not supposed to be. yet i am and i must go on no matter how hard the job may get.

You see in the end it is I who has to survive so we can go on. I am centuries old yet i was just born.  I cannot contain my laughter or my hearts break. The emotions swell within me and are mistaken for weakness but they are my true strength. I am the blend of all things and the end of most things. No not a enigma here but an amalgam and anomaly. Driven by the desire to survive that all may live. Yet living without being and being without living so others can live.

I carry the weight of a world upon my shoulders and do not wince for the pain is mine to bear. The burden is heavy and none can share. No hercules will come and take my load for it is one only i can bear. I cannot give up or all is lost in despair.

Well let me start by saying after 15 years together with the same person it was hell. I felt the obligation and she did not it was not meant to be but i hung in there forgive forgive forgive. What did i get thrown out that is what i got she said leave one time to many so i rsvp her offer. If the spouse not faithful do you really have a marriage or do you just have a tax shelter. Which is it you tell me i felt used it took me the first few years to get her to marry me. Now looking back at those twelve years i feel like a class A fool used like toilet paper and thrown away.

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