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amawitch's blog: "gains and pains"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/gains-and-pains/b986
Prideless With a final look at her pride, she turns away, heading for the jungle, away from the prairie that has been her home since birth. They will not allow her to return. She does not know why. It does not matter anyway, only survival matters. She must hunt to feed well, to guarentee the lives she is carrying a chance at survival also. Always better in a pride, she is alone. Using caution, she enters the jungle, the branches of small bushs snapping back into place like a hidden gate behind her, a timelock from a prehistoric age. Everything is moving, scuttling about in the foliage. She turns once more and sees the waving prairie grass, reserving a place in her memory. She needs food, her senses are alive with need. There is prey here, but there is death here also. She can smell death everywhere, decay, rot, the jungle alive with the dead. There is a bewildering, luminous halflight hanging vapor-drenched over all the vegetation. The very air is thick with the sweet scent of decaying leaves, flowers,trees and animal waste that is becoming the next layer of organic mud like those laid down for thousands of years. To hunt! There! She smells food, stops to smell the scat left behind. Crouching down close to the ground, her lithe body still, only her eyes and nose smelling and seeing. This prey will feed her, she slowly rises and creeps forward swiveling her head at each of the noises the jungle makes. Moonvines snapping , fronds rubbing together,trunks creaking as the wind gently hums through the green silence. There! She has found it again, fresher, she is closer. Listening for any sound, she acknowledges the drip, drip, drip, of water off leaves, the violin sounds of mosquitoes, a leaf rattling to the ground. That way! Her prey has gone that way. The need in her drives her on. She is so hungry. So alone. She hears the vultures before she sees them. Creeping forward slowly, she smells that it is a fresh kill. Two vultures stand guard aware of her now. As she breaks through they step away with a large flapping of wings, squawking beaks, and angry eyes. She leans in close to the carcess. The stomache,liver and intestines are gone with a large portion of the flank. But there is something here for her. She reaches out, salivating, ripping a large portion of the chest out, dragging it with her to the inner forest. It is a swift meal, not wholly satisfying, but something. It awakens a need in her for the blood of fresh prey, which will quench her thirst. Looking back at the scene the vultures have returned, and she leaves them to it. Wanting only to find and kill something fresh. There!! Again, her quarry. She knows that smell, and she hurries forward following the scent. Without a sound, her feet light as a doe on the forest floor, she traverses miles in short time. Her meal, is just ahead. She can now smell the sweat fear on it's body. It knows she is close, and is trying to lose her. But she cannot lose. She must eat, she must survive. There, its there!! She has tired it out. It lays there panting, fearful eyes turned toward her. Will it just lay there? She crouches, every muscle tense for the leap, knowing that it cannot escape. Every nerve and muscle twitching with need, she leaps, and ....... She missed her chance. Her prey gone. How much simpler it would have been to be within the pride. Working together as it should be. Now she must try again. To survive she must eat, and the survival of her gene's drives her on, the need in her growing stronger every passing of the moon. © Copyright 2006 Amawitch-granny witch
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