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Dopee's blog: "David'z Blog"

created on 07/17/2008  |  http://fubar.com/david-z-blog/b232195
2-Day Started Off Like Any Other Day. Me Wakin Up Yawnin Gettin Out Of Bed & On Tha Computer 2 Check My E-Mail Check My Myspace & Fubar Pagez & Then Downloadin Sum Songz. My Adventure In My Excitin Yet Small World Containz My Wife My 3 Dogz & 4 Catz. I Live day 2 Day Like It'z My Last. my Life iz Up & Down Sumtimez Happy Sumtimez Sad & Sumtimez Borin Crappy & Dull. I Have A Wife That I Love Very Much She Iz Tha Best Thang That Haz Ever Happend 2 My Life. Me & My Wife Did Not Go 2 Our Friend Mary & Johnny'z House 2 Hand Out 2-Night Cuz Johnny Workz 4 The Clean Air Bus & He Got Home At 8:00pm Came Home & Then Went 2 Bed. So That Iz Why We Did Not Go Over 2 Our Friendz Mary & Johnny'z. We Go Over There 2 Hang Out Get Away Frum Our House & To Enjoy There Great Company. I have Known Mary 4 Like 5 Yearz Now. Cuz Me & Mary We Go Way Back Back In Tha Dayz Back I Tell Ya. Mary'z Boyfriend Johnny I Have Know Him 4 Like 10 Monthz Or So. Anywayz Mary & Johnny Are Cool Peoplez. 2-Day Wuz Actually Pretty Good 4 Me. Do People Really Read Blogz I Mean Me I Usually Don't Read Blogz Well Sumtimez I Will Read A Blog Or 2 When I'm In Tha Mood. You Can Alwayz Catch Me Online Chattin With People Makin New Friendz Downloadin Music Or Workin On My Myspace & Fubar Pagez. I Have Chatted With People That Are Really Cool & True & Then I Have Chatted With Mean Rude Shallow Scandalous People. I Have Friendz Yes I Do & My Friendz That I Have That I Know & Chat With There Really Cool Awsome Friendz. I Like Tha Fact That I Can Sit Down Turn My Computer On & Explore A World All Outside Of It'z Own. I Feel Free When I'am Online I Can Be Me Silly Goof-ee Happy Mad At Timez Sad & Friendly Cuz Tha Net Will Take You Placez Other Placez Can Never Take You. Well Anywayz I'am Gonna Jam Out Now But I'll Be Back 2 Write More In My Blog & Take You On Anutha Excitin Journey Through My Life.
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