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You are so strong but at the same time your strength is sometimes your weakness. I think back over some of our conversations and just want to slap myself for letting you talk me into forgetting your problems. I guess your training has come in handy hasn’t it. You need to know that you matter too. You can’t find an hour a day for yourself because you take care of everyone else. I am writing this so that you know I am not fooled and I will not forget any longer. You know how much it takes to trust someone and how easy it is to lose that trust. I trust you and I believe you when you tell me that you will start to take care of yourself, for you and your children. No worry about the rest of us we are all adults and can take care of things while you take care of yourself. I think I can speak for all of your true friends by saying we would gladly give up a few moments of your time so you can get back to being the Julie we all care so much about. I am sorry but for me to find out you haven’t talked out what happened was bad enough but now knowing you are taking a break about your health. What kind of friend would I be Julie to let you do that without a fight? It’s crazy! Like I told you, what is going to happen when you break down? Who is going to take care of everything then? I know it’s hard to find the time right now, but it’s not an option. I am not going to read you your rights but I will not let you keep doing this to yourself. I won’t be a part of the problem. So as my friend Julie would say don’t fuck it up, and take some me time.
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