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Eric S's blog: "Journaling and FUBar-Specific"

created on 09/15/2006  |  http://fubar.com/journaling-and-fubar-specific/b1886  |  1 followers

despairing is a strong word, as it's not important, though sometimes it's fun.  I did see the requirement to rate 1000 people with a activated auto-11 bling, though, and thought me "this is going to take forever."

When I started noticing the counter going up when I was rating photos, not just profiles, I did what I should have done in the first place and read it carefully: only profiles count for one condition, but profiles and photos count for the other. So thought I "ah, I can do -that- easily"- found someone with an auto 11 going (several people) and lots of rateable photos - (using the "SEARCH" feature) - and was level 43 in no time. Level 44, understandably, might be awhile, but that's ok, I have other work to do anyway and it'll get there or it won't.


Well, this is true now that they've "disappeared" it- no links to it, though the things themselves are around.  For instance, http://fubar.com/stashFullView.php?stashUid=96574 is my "fu-stash", but I don't see any links to it on my homepage or profile page (maybe because I'm using the new-style ones... probably, really. Don't know. Links may have been removed from the old-style ones too. Anyone rate -your- stashes anymore, "fellow oldtimers"? 


(Actually, the crickets chirping may have something to do with... ah hush, Eric. :) )

(as opposed to stupid, that is.)


So if like a normal person with a family (I don't have children, though I do have family members) someone gets nervous about people looking at images of your family members without your permission, and if they have them in a public, everybody-viewable photo folder, ... ok... explain that one to me.


If all that's wrong is they don't know how to make images private or more private, hey, even _I_ can teach them that. (Go to "My photos", go to the folder, go to "Album options", change "Album access" to what you want, click save.) 

does it even make sense to say this about images you (or someone) has "borrowed" from their copyright-holders? (For example consider all the fantasy-dragon folders and folders of photography of models in peoples' image folders around here - which I generally do rate unless I recognize the person who created the image or recognize the person in the image and am in fact acquainted with them (over the internet, anyway); but that's not the issue I'm addressing here and is somewhere - else.  Back to point-

can you really say "do not rip or take" images you didn't create, weren't given and either are general public domain/CC-license property (in which case I certainly can take them as I please, the original owner said so or they're _in public domain_ ... pfft) or in some cases they're images you (they, someone) has no right to display?


Well, yes, you can say it or write it, but it's a sequence of words without meaning.

Apparently if you're high enough level (I'm told 30 or higher) , you can find out your crushes by spending an ability point. There's a link for this under "My Love Connections" (ick.. :) ) at the side of the screen, or just go to http://fubar.com/mycrushes.php and see (again, it does cost an ability point...)

(Ok, not so fubar-specific.)

Those who use Guestbooks hosted at Slide may want to know if they don't already that that site is closing very-soon-now, or has closed...

(This also applies to Slideshows and other such stuffs.)

no, this is not a retrospective, "my how much has changed in 5 years since I joined here" post - not much time right now and not in the mood. Might later. Still, quite failed to notice the anniversary. (A 20-year life-one or rather survival one last May quite eclipsed it, I suppose! Have at you, cars...)


noticed that my block list had been cleared. thought I'd done so myself and not remembered, went and checked up on some people who had me blocked, and noticed that one didn't have me blocked anymore; assumed she'd unblocked me, and thanked her. then noticed two more no longer did- 3 is a pattern. Friends may want to rebuild their lists (and no, I have no intention of abusing this, now that I realize what it is- etc.  Stash ratings has always been another matter ;) )

because the "incentive structure" of this site encourages helping people, because helping people helps you, maybe it is "FUBar-specific" enough to belong here anyway. (again, the preface is longer than the main body.)

You're not guaranteed to get the help you want from people if you go out there and help them, too. You are pretty much guaranteed not to, if you don't.

(This is directed at no one and everyone, very definitely including me.)

go to settings and change to the new profile style (not the new viewing style- not "fsb"- the new profile style, which is in a different place on the settings page), then people can like you when they visit your page. (and if they aren't important to you, they aren't- this is not a poll, this is a tip on how, since I see complaints from time to time. I changed to the new profile style because it looks neat. and I enjoy having more likes, I admit, but I'll at least pretend that wasn't the primary reason ;) Still, it does allow me to 'like' everyone who _comments_ on  my page too, at least for so long as I can see their comments.  Some of the changes take some getting used to.)

Off to work and pre-work preparation and such now, but...

Onlineaspirin-resting-cleaning. back today-or-tom'w...
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