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Redqueenbbw's blog: "Haters"

created on 09/21/2007  |  http://fubar.com/haters/b132064


Jealousy!!! Jealousy what a stupid emotion if I could get rid of one that would be it!!! I have seen 35 summers!!! All the hate that goes on!! I am most comfortable in my skin!!! I have been hiding behind the doors for years thinking I wasnít good enough to be out!!! Well Fuk u haters!!! The sad thing is the half of u are closet bbw lovers!!! If u had the chance to put weight aside to see whatís inside the person!!! Wow U might find a good soul!!! Thatís why I would get rid of jealousy!!! See I was raised mommy always taught me to share and to be kind to others!!! So as for u low raters just fuk right off!!! U might want to be comfortable in your body or find out why u have so much hate!!! it took me years to get my confidence back up there it will never go to my head !! Just know that I am beautiful!!! We all come in different sizes and shapes If we didnít this would be a weird world all the same!! Well us phat bottom woman make the world go around tooo!!! Life is short stop being so jealous!!!!!!!! Life short donít forget to play Nakid!!! Luv to all that have shown me luvin dont forget that haters send them luv too it might make them better people!!!!! redqueenbbw xoox I am a good lover will pass on some luvin your way haters!!!!
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