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Well everything with my pregnancy has been going ok besides that i have been having contractions constantly. I went into preterm labor at 31 weeks and 4 days and i was in the hospital for 3 days before they finally got it stopped and then after that i broke my foot falling down the stairs at my house but the pregnancy has been ok. well yesterday and lastnight i was feeling bad hard contractions but the baby wasnt moving and usually she is very very active so i got worried and decided to go to the hospital. When i got there the nurse came in and hooked me up to the monitor and shes like well shes got a good heart rate and im like ummm do you not hear that? and shes like hmmmm yeah that does sound a bit strange but shes got a good rate so you should be ok. I kept insisting it sounded weird so she got her charge nurse to come in and listen. The charge nurse was like well im not even gonna lie to you... your baby has an irregular heartbeat. It could mean a number of things. So then the first nurse is like ok well lets check you so she REALLY roughly shoves her hand into my vag and shes like hmm i cant find your cervix.. and im like... what do you mean you cant find it?? and shes like well lay on your fists so i did and shes like ok i got it.. but your only a finger tip and im like.. umm how is that possible i was just 2cm on tuesday and shes like oh nevermind i got 2 in there now your about 2.5. So then shes like well imma hook up and iv and give you some fluids. Im gonna try to get it right here but if i cant then ill try on the other hand and im like uuhh no your gonna try where your most likely to get it because your only gonna stick me once! so she did and moved it all around and it hurt so bad. I dont think she knew what she was doing at all! Anyways so the doctor wouldnt even come in and listen to the baby himself or do an ultrasound or anything. (i havent had one since 20 weeks) he just said that its probably a heart murmor and they cant do anything untill shes born and if i feel like something is going wrong i should come back, but im so scared that something could happen to her in there i mean how am i supposed to know if shes ok or not i cant see her! i would rather have her out so they can watch her and make sure shes ok, but they want her to stay in. I mean its her heart her .lifeline.. its not like she has an extra toe or something. Im so fustrated and scared and im just ready for her to be here so i can hold her in my arms and make sure shes ok!
So I hit the 21 week Mark, Hopefully i still have alot of weeks to go. This past week i was in the hospital because i started having contractions around 10 min apart then 7 min then around 5 min so i rushed to the hospital and sure enough i was in preterm labor. The same thing that happened with my daughter and in the exact same week. I was scared this was going to happen and it did. They hooked me up to the monitors and watched my contractions and they made me drink like 32 ounces of water thinking that i was dehydrated and that was what was causing it, but they still didnt stop so They took a urine sample to check for any infections to see if that was causing it, but nope no infections either. They gave me brethine shots and iv meds and My contractions were finally stopped and the next morning i was released to go home. I was once again told i am on strict bedrest and was told if they come back to call and ill be given brethine pills to take 24 hours a day. They speed up your heartrate and make you really shaky. its really not a fun pill to take, but whatever it takes to keep my little Jazmyn inside i will do it. Im just hoping shes like her big sissy and can hold on untill it is safe for her to be born. I gained 5 lbs and am now one pound heavier than before pregnancy and my cravings are still about the same.
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com at first she didnt want to show us. she had her legs crossed thru the whole ultrasound but thank god we had a persistant ultrasound tech and she kept trying and finally she uncrossed them and we could see that she is clearly a girl lol. she is 10oz and totally healthy.Everything looked great. It was so clear and you could see her little hands and feet and her opening and closing her mouth. it was so neat. I couldnt be happier. Im still -4 lbs from my prepregnancy weight so i must be losing it elsewhere cuz my belly is huge. ULTRASOUND PICS IN MY BABY #2 ALBUM!
So everything has been going pretty well since that aweful trip to the ER! I feel the baby move and kick all the time now. I cant wait untill you can feel it from the outside so RJ can feel it too. I think Jayden can hear the baby or something because she will come over to me and lay her head on my belly and just listen. Its pretty cute. she is doing amazing getting more and more grown lol! I have an appointment on tuesday for my 20 week ultrasound! hopefully the baby will be cooperative and we will find out what we are having! I am so excited and i want a girl so bad, so think pink for me lmao. HMM what else... well ive started eating alot of honey nut cheerios and craving sweet stuff. My belly is growing more. people have started randomly touching my belly... I HATE THAT! I dont see what makes strangers think its ok to just touch me just because im pregnant. BLAH!!! Anyways I heard about a new test called the intelligender test and its supposed to tell you the sex of the baby as early as 11 weeks... i have to admit im curious and would like to try it since its just a pee test, but it seems kinda silly and a waste since my ultrasound is in a couple of days. PINK PINK PINK!!! haha 19 weeks:
9-6-08 Yesterday Morning i started having some cramping and some spotting and so i told my fiancee that if it continued i would go to the hospital. I went to the bathroom around 4pm and there was more blood, so i grab my cousin and off we go to the hospital. Well i get there and there is nowhere to park. They are soooo busy that theres not even anywhere to sit in the waiting room. They brought me into triage and told me that there was 12 people ahead of me that had priority because they had chest pains, and that people were coming off of ambulances like crazy. I asked them if they could possibly take me to minor emergency or up on the labor and delivery floor, or even just check on the baby real quick. I told them i didnt care if i had a room because i was worried that i might be having a miscarrage and i just wanted to make sure my baby was ok. They proceeded to tell me that l&d wont take you untill your atleast 21 weeks pregnant and that even if i was having a miscarrage there was nothing they could do for me untill they got me a room and all the other people had to go first. So upset and cramping i go and sit in the waiting room for 5 hours. While in the waiting room I saw the craziest things happen. There was this one lady who had 9 seziers in just a couple hours and they wouldnt even take her back. They told her to lay down on the floor and not get up because the chest pain and ambulences had to go first. There was this other girl that came in and her name was erin. she was going thru the same thing i was going thru, but she was only 9 weeks. Then there was this guy who was like 15 yrs old and he was there because he threatened the school councelor to kill himself. I was told that even HE was going before me. I was sooo mad! I was kinda rude to him after sitting there with him for 5 hours having him constantly try to talk to me. Eventually i was like... if i gave you a razor would you kill yourself? he says no! i said well then you need to go the fuck home because if you were really gonna kill yourself you would do it and not be here. He said i have tried to kill myself. i cut myself before and he showed my his arm. little bitty scratches. I had to call his bullshit. I was like dude if you were gonna kill yourself you wouldnt be doing that. you would take a razor and cut hard and deep all the way down your arm! Those little scratches on your arms are just attention cuts and you need to cut that shit out cuz it just makes you look even more stupid! Well anyways after 5 hours of sitting there i go up to them and ask how many people are still ahead of me? They tell me that there is now 24 people ahead of me and 5 ambulences, and that it could be atleast another 6-7 hours!!! I was sooo mad. I called another hospital on the northside of atlanta to see what their wait time was, and the lady told me that if i came up there then they would do a ultrasound and bloodwork in triage and i wouldnt have to wait on a room to make sure the baby is ok. So after wasteing almost 6 hrs at the other hospital i get ready to leave and go to piedmont hospital in atlanta. The girl named erin asked me where i was going and i told her. She got another lady to follow me and drive her up to piedmont too. It took us about 45 min to get there and we get signed in and they go to take my blood. now mind you i HATE having my blood taken! She sticks me in my underside of my wrist and it hurt sooooooooooooooo bad! She moved it all around and couldnt get any blood, so she stuck me in my other arm and took 6 things of blood. I eventually got to go down to my ultrasound and the baby looked great. I was hoping since i was past 17 weeks i might be able to see if it was a boy or girl, but the baby was upside down and all you could see was butt and spine haha. oh well not a big deal i can wait 3 more weeks. Feeling a bit better knowing the baby is alive and well i go back up to the waiting room and wait for them to give me my own room. After about 2 hours the lady comes over to me and says that she needs more blood. I honestly thought she was kidding because she had already stuck me twice and why could she possibly need more than 6 tubes. Well she wasnt kidding!! aparently my other blood had clotted before they could test it! UGHHH so she takes 6 more tubes of my blood and they put my into a room. After a long wait and around 6am the doctor comes in to tell me my placenta came apart from the wall a little bit and that i am now on strict bed rest but other than that everything is fine! I asked about Erin and they told me that she had lost her baby! I felt soo bad for her and offered my condolences before i left and drove 45 min back home. IT WAS THE WORST HOSPITAL VISTIT EVER (13 HOURS) BUT THANK GOD MY BABY IS OK!

UPDATES (JAYDEN) 9/1/08- Jayden is almost one and doing soo great! She is the best baby ever!!! she hardly ever cries and always sleeps thru the night. Up untill she was about 6 months we had a problem with reflux, but she has grown out of it. she has 2 teeth on the bottom and has started walking. shes still wobbley, but can take about 10 steps before either sitting or falling. I have taken her off the bottle and formula and she happily drinks milk out of a sippy cup. she eats the food we eat as well as those gerber graduates lil entrees and sides. she says lots of words including mama, dada, nanny, papa, up, down, buhbuh, ok, oh yes, no, apple, cup, kitty kitty, dog dog, yummy, baby, play, eat, more, night night, and lots of others i just cant think of right now lol. i made a slideshow of the last few months:

UPDATES (PREGNANCY) 9/1/08 17 weeks- so far my pregnancy has been going pretty well other than some dizziness and fainting. I have a pretty bad cold right now and it sucks because you cant really take anything for it. my belly is starting to grow, and I felt the baby kick for the first time the other day. I am working on finding a good doctor or midwife that i actually like. The one that delivered Jayden has retired and ive tried 4 or 5 new ones some seem to rush you, some have attitudes but mostly it just seems like i am a number to them and they dont really care how i feel. i hate that. ultrasound in 3 weeks and i cant wait!!!! belly pic #1 at 17 weeks:
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