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Male · Invited by: 1072 · Joined on May 8, 2007 · I have a crush on someone!
Male · Invited by: 1072 · Joined on May 8, 2007 · I have a crush on someone!

Well if you've read my profile, browsed through my interest and watched (all) my pics, there's not much I can say, it's better that we staart talking now :)

Male · Invited by: 1072 · Joined on May 8, 2007 · I have a crush on someone!
Rock, Video Games, Movies, Football (soccer) and, of course GIRLS!
All kinds of girls!
Tall, small, BBW, thin, Black, Asian, young, Mommies...
There's something beautiful in every woman, you just have to want to see it!
Anything that rocks!
Stoner, Metal, Hardcore, Hard, Blues...
Here are my favs bands
Noir D├ęsir
Pearl Jam
Sonic Youth
Led Zeppelin
Orange Goblin
Video Games
Any Wii game!
All Resident Evil..well, almost..
Day of Deafeat
Counter Strike
Heroes of Might and Magic
Old games on Nec, nes or Genesys...
The Burnout Serie

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  • jasonlives salute rejected...again...this is getting ridiculous...it's not like I'm trying to make everyone believe I'm fucking Brad Pitt
    • online
      LOVE MIA u need to put ur fubar user id on it thats why. urs is "865741". put that, ur username "jasonlives", and "fubar" on it. make sure a hand is showing thats holding it, and that is bright enough to read easily. you will get it
      10 years ago · Reply
    • PoiSoN iVy3 OK here it goes....Are you fucking Brad Pitt? Some women might be turned on by the fact you are fucking him
      10 years ago · Reply
    • jasonlives oh you can I love funny girls..even when it's cruel
      10 years ago · Reply
    • PoiSoN iVy3 I'm going to resist the urge to be sarcastic here...lol
      10 years ago · Reply
    10 years ago · Comment · View all comments (5) »

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