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Lately I've seen a lot of status messages asking for VIP, Cherry Bomb (both bling and to be bombed), Auto 11, bling packs, tickers, and blasts. Now JAK isn't a millionaire, but on occasion does have some funding to do certain things. No one will ever get a Happy Hour from JAK until he hosts his own first (then maybe there might be a chance...slim..but still a chance). If you come to me be prepared that what I may ask of you that you might not want to do. Not everything is bad (but there are moments). I will not give in just to make you happy (constant begging will irritate me to the point where I will remove friendship/fan and if it continues BLOCK). Should this bother you, DON'T ASK or get offended. If you want to remove me let me know so i wont bother you. Also, it would be appreciated if you could at least rate some pics too. thanks for reading this, John "JAK"

JAK is gonna use this blog to help those who are trying to buy a pimpout/shitface/buzzkill...and those who are selling them...if you're selling leave a comment on how much you are charging...if you're buying...hit up those who are selling and tell them JAK sent ya...

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