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Who else but jaeboi151
8,461 Votes
12,649 Plays
Riding Shotgun
8,249 Votes
8,962 Plays
16 switches
7,847 Votes
8,044 Plays
brass pole
8,078 Votes
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change the way you walk
4,913 Votes
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drop it low
7,649 Votes
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F&^%$ superman Ft...
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forever young 2
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Friday nights! Ft...
5,631 Votes
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I am no1
7,594 Votes
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7,514 Votes
7,387 Plays
Let the wires twist
7,477 Votes
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My lac
7,388 Votes
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5,583 Votes
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portrait of words
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pretty girl...
6,966 Votes
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ridding HIGH!
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struggle Mr X-ile Ft...
7,079 Votes
6,888 Plays
7,077 Votes
6,945 Plays
tell me!!
5,334 Votes
5,274 Plays
the arsinal
6,712 Votes
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the lowrider show
6,701 Votes
6,462 Plays
the man behind the mic
5,224 Votes
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the sum of us
6,866 Votes
6,591 Plays
them 64's
6,846 Votes
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titty poppen
6,840 Votes
6,644 Plays
Trap city
4,419 Votes
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we like!
6,786 Votes
6,588 Plays
we need you!
4,627 Votes
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What about us ??
6,741 Votes
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where i stand
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82 Year Old·Male·From Lemoore, CA·Joined on November 9, 2011·Born on December 3rd·20 referrals joined!·I have a crush on someone!

my name is johnboy aka jaeboi 151 i am a custom car designer/ custom automotive painter. i own all4shine ent. a very small music production label in fresno ca.

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  • jaeboi151 .8.jaeboi151 the only artist that made an entire video of all his faverate fubar friends and fans!! see track..pretty girl! vote cash in
    • xPrincessx celestino lee has videos & songs about his fu friends he also knows how to spell which you obviouslt don't know how to do
      1 day ago · Reply
    • ExoticAngelSold... I agree with you! You're doing way to much hun. Rapping is not your talent. I feel most rappers are weak man. Grow up and make a positive change...IJS
      1 wk ago · Reply
    • Raining Down Hell what about? you have more rights than I do, a poor white boy, pull up up your pants, tie your shoes, quit grabbing your organ and get what obama gave you and quit acting like poor old me, your time for complaining is gone.opportunity knocks, are you listening?
      2 months ago · Reply

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