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TwinklingStar FE2 georgegad269's blog: "Just Some Thoughts"

created on 05/18/2011  |  http://fubar.com/just-some-thoughts/b341156  |  6 followers

Never taking that road again,

found myself turned inside out

once more living in sin.

Only way out was pain,

hard hitting, forget the blood

once more living in vain.


I have a picture of you,

in my mind and in my heart

you are fully clothed too.

But don't seem right,

to hold on, to keep dreaming

need to accept the cold at night.


Are you uncomfortable yet,

it isn't my goal, I'd love if it wasn't true

please never forget.

Trial and error thats the key, 

ecstasy and pain, morning and evening

hey, hey its only me.


This is more than it ever may seem,

I need you to understand its only day dream. 

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