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I found Fubar in November, 08.  I have met some wonderful people, many of been my friends since day one.  Unfortunately, I have made some very bad choices about who I wanted to be friends with.  I realize this is a site for "fun" a place to "relax" and "unwind".  I will be the first to admit I am very soft hearted and normally go out of my way to do things for people who do not deserve it.  I have so many stories to tell, but my most recent experience has really got me stumped.  I lost a "friend" because I wouldnt put him as #1 on my family.  The people that are on my family and numbered have been with me since I started my account here.  They have proved they are good friends and we talk several times a week. They worked their way up to where they are.  I do not think it is fair for someone to just come along and you be friends for a couple of weeks then threaten to delete you if you dont put them as #1 on your family. 

I work 40+ hours a week, some days I am lucky enough to be able to get on here during the day if my boss isnt around.  I hardly ever sign off so it looks like im here 24/7.  If I am here and receive a message I will do everything I can to answer as soon as I can.  Just because I dont answer within a few minutes doesnt mean i am ignoring people.  I try to explain this by randomly stating this in my status comment. 

I enjoy this site very much, but sometimes I wish I had never came across it.  So many heartaches and sadness has came to me from people I have met on here.



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