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If you can't take it, you shouldn't dish it out...learnt that growing up...fairly fundamental...but some of you, well you just have so many fucking special rules for how you behave vs how others should behave...kinda mindblowing.


If you don't like what someone does and/or says, and how they say/do it, and who they do/say it to...then chances are, you don't like them. (Mindblowing revelation huh??) Why the fuck would you pretend to yourself that you like someone 'if only they would...' - fuck off and get a spine.


If someone talks to you about someone...chances are they talk to someone about you...that one's like a Spanish proverb or something, people have known that shit for CENTURIES...why is it a surprise to you? See above - dish it out, learn to fucking take it.










I have bets on some of you. 







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