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Subject: HaHaHaHa Love is a Temptation,that starts with a sensation,when a guy,stick's his location,in a girl's destination,to inctrease the population,for the next generation,do you get my explamation,or do you need a demonstation ??? Sky is blue,Water is wet,I'll make you cum,I'll make you sweat.Pressed up against my body.Movin up an down.Slowly but firmly,We'll move the ground. Kissing is a habit,Fucking is a game,Guys get most of the pleasure.Girls get all the pain.10 minutes of pleasure.9 Months of pain.3 Days in the Hospital.A Baby without a name.The baby is a basturd.The mother is a Whore.This would never of happen'd,if the damn rubber hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math,you subtract the clothes.Add the bed.Divide the legs.And pray to god you don't multiply. Roses are red.Grass is gree.Open your legs,and I'll fill you with cream. Hickery Dickery dock.This Bitch is sucking my cock.The clock struck two.I dumped my goo.And dumped her to the end of the block. Sex is good,Sex is fine.Doggy style & 69.Just for fun,or getting paid.Everyone likes getting laid. Sex is evil,Sex is sin.Sins are forgiven,so stick it in. Roses are nice,Violets are fine,I'll be the six,if you be the nine.
#1,Are you concidering a janitor's job at an all-girl colledge ? #2,Are your forearms starting to look like popeyes? #3,Are your Favorite Dial-a-porn,numbers on an auto-dialer? #4,Do you feel like a Monk with an extensive magazine collection? #5,Is the Bowling Alley the only place you've scored in months? #6,Are you concidering visiting a Club Med Resort? #7,Are you concidering joining a local Nudist Club? #8,Are you concidering placing a sex add for a Swingers Slave ?
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