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Mighty Meth me's blog: "It Is"

created on 09/26/2006  |
It's, It Is It's.... ....beautiful if it makes you feel good inside. ....honest if it has nothing to hide. ....worthless if you don't need it anymore. ....better if it's more than you expected before. ....true if it's what you choose to believe. ....important if that's how you feel when you bleed. ....special if only you see it that way. ....sacred if no one else can take it away. ....painful if you cannot get out of bed. ....lifeless if all emotion is dead. ....boring if you are prone to distraction. ....exciting if your heart is alive with affection. if you least expect it to happen. ....real if it's not based on manipulation and reaction. ....over if they try to control who you are. ....freedom if you can heal from the scars. ....sad if you feel too numb to cry. ....pointless if you have to ask why. ....meaningless if it must be explained. ....useless if words are spoken in vain. ....passion if it overwhelms the soul. ....obsession if nothing else matters anymore. ....reality if you can see it with your eyes. ....insanity if you give in to the lies. ....shallow if there is an absense of compassion. ....deep if it drives you into solemn reflection. ....finished if you are filled with satisfaction. ....not if you are haunted by dreams without action. ....too long if it goes on and on without reason. ....too short if the message is not properly seasoned. It is what it is, no need to define it. It is everything and nothing ever present and best left silent.
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