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totally got a phone call today.

yeah... i said totally...

i applied for this job... about a month... month and a half ago...

did an interview... two... maybe three weeks ago.

it's a customer rep 1 position...

for the state dept. of labor.

pays quite a bit and i can still keep my bartending job tues and thurs nights.

as i said... got a call today...


they wanted my birth date so they could do a felony check.

already called my references... everything was perfecto.

just have to do a felony check which i will pass with flying colors... and i'm in.


said they'd call  me back tomorrow and let me know.

i'm stoked.

yay me?

yes. yay me.

wasn't i supposed to be guilt spiraling by now? i guess i just felt like being spiteful. three and a half months till my wedding. i own a house. i have a job... i love my life. so there. hope you're doing just as well. ::grin::
so, i still can't seem to think of a single thing to really... "write" about. my life is still on a fast track to amazing. i've got friends visiting from boston, a sister who is now living with me and getting a little better at this whole being a brat thing, and the most amazing fiance there ever was or could be. we own a house... things are a little tight, but i'm not letting it bring me down. i've got everything i need. i'm not begging for a thing. video games, cable, food in my stomach, a job, people i love who love me in return, a house, heat and water, a place to shower... you really need to cheer up though. it's not so bad, you've got all the same. i'm sick of hearing it. can't you ever be happy?
my life is amazing. even with a wedding to plan. i bought my dress about a week ago. it's gorgeous. it better be for over a grand... but just to inform, it's amazing. next step... they took our offer on the house. we will be moving around mid october. three huge bedrooms. three full bathrooms. 1,755 square feet not including the basement. it's huge. and worth every penny. new jobs, new home, and christ is there a lot to do! i still have a wedding to plan. june 20th. of this coming year. nine months away. but it's gonna go quick. really quick. too much to do in so little time. but i love it. and i love him. yup. that's about it for the update. oooo... and for those of you who actually know me... i enrolled back in school. i should have a real diploma before the end of october. be proud. be very proud.


i was proposed to last friday. in front of all of the boys army friends. it was the most amazing moment of my life. but i didn't cry. i should have... but i didn't. oooo... and home loan approved. man... now i have way grown up stuff to deal with.
it's quick. it's simple. for those of you that care... this is what is going on. the boyfriend and i are buying a house. i'm looking for a day job. i'm keeping my night job. we're taking a trip to michigan asap. i wish i wasn't a busted piece of junk metal. i want a pretty wedding in a pretty park with pretty things and pretty people. notice that i didn't say pricey. i'm really happy. as a matter of fact... i'm more than happy. i'm glad everything worked out the way it did. happiness writes white. i've got things to do... stuff to pack... and a husband to miss while he's away for a couple more hours. tell me you love me and get over it. meow. ALK.
i sat up and stared at you last night. it's funny because i always found "that person" to be a bit creepy. but things change so damn fast. i realized last night that your snoring doesn't bother me. and that your moaning is actually kind of cute. that i get upset when you turn over in bed, and that one's not even your fault. that your morning breath doesn't really smell that bad. and that your hair looks way goofy but way cute when your sleeping. but you know what the biggest things that i realized were? that you didn't get mad at me when i probably kept you up all night. that you may have turned over, but the second i touched your shoulder you were back with your head on mine. that every time i went out for a cigarette you shifted over to my side of the bed and attempted to hold onto me... and that when i wasn't there you sank back into the pillow. and that when i kissed your forehead... you immediately told me that you loved me. every single time. i know that i'm hard to deal with. hard to handle. and that i fight like no other... but last night i realized something else. i realized that i can trust you. and that every time you say you love me... it's the truth. that i don't have to have all of these major trust issues... because you've done nothing but prove yourself over and over again. and that honestly... honestly... you're all i want for the rest of forever. and that, my friend, is why i couldn't sleep last night. i love you. and now i think i need to make myself some food.
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