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created on 04/01/2007  |
This one goes out to all the people that took the time to, at least, visit my profile. I feel compelled to show these chosen few some love and thank them by stating my gratitude thast they've done so. Even though I've been a member for such a short time on this particular site on the electronic super-highway, I think that there are a few things that I still need to learn and I will continue to do what I can. The time that I spend on "cherrytap" is limited because my days are set aside for school purposes. I guess that if I were to be engrossed in participating in some of the things that are offered for a person to do, but in relation, I could possibly miss out on doing something that may be in my best interests to tend to - rather than trying to collect a bunch of points that only have imaginary use. Anyways, I don't want to come off like a person that tries to - should - people to bend to legitimate reasons for not being a CHEERY. But, I guess that's the way that the cookies crumble and I forgot my coffee. Thanks again, and much love to those of you whon I should start to contact one of these days____- LATER !!
Just giving all the people that visited my profile a shout out. Hopefully, if I scream their praises to the wind then maybe they will hear what I have said and remember that they have a friend out there. I realy appreciate the visits and don't be shy to add, rate, or show me some love. I haven't been a member for very long, but the experience is sure different than any other sites of its caliber. It's one that I hope will be enhanced in the future by making new friends and maybe a few fans. I will continue to keep an optimistic view on the prospect of meeting different people and try to further enjoy the "tappa, tappa, tappa". - Where would we all be without the "Tappa, Tappa, Tappa"?
Hello there - fellow tappers( I could also say cherries ). You'll have to forgive me for my not knowing how to negotiate this particular site. If I keep adding some things here and there - I'll eventually get all the important information available for anyone to scroll through. Anyways, I'm just saying howdy to all those who chance to read my profile and passing a thank you to all those people that rated my photo. I believe you know who y'all are and once again - thanks, I appreciate it alot. I could continue to say a few things that involve all different type of subjects, but I'll just wait until I get the opportunity to conversate with someone off of this area of the information super-highway. So, until that happens, I'll end this entry by quoting a famous canadian commedian, " Kepp your stick on the ice !".____- LATER !!
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