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created on 09/15/2006  |  http://fubar.com/-/b1963

I've noticed a new trend amongst the Fu-tards,and quite possibly the most idiotic one of them yet.Just when I thought it couldn't get any lower  some of you never fail to take internet idiocy to a whole new level.


Now I am seeing people with their faces pasted into the bodies of celebreties or unknown models,and I am not sure what is more upsetting the fact that people are so desperate for the attention of superficial strangers,or that some of them actually think anyone with even an ounce of intelligence would actually believe it's real.Now I know the intelligence average amongst users on this site is probably pretty low,but surely even they can reconize that a skinny tanned body with huge tits does not match crappy quality picture of someones face who appears to be in their 40's with wrinkles and and a double chin


So instead of wasting your money buying bling packs invest in some self-esteem classes.


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