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Dawn Marie's blog: "insperational"

created on 03/01/2009  |  http://fubar.com/insperational/b281194
GUIDING ANGELS Angels find us, not only when we need them the most, but even when we think we are fine on own &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& STRANGER ON THE STREET Oh, I felt good about myself. I was so pleased with what a nice, kind, thoughtful person i was. I'd just spent hours laboring away at volunteer tasks, giving my time to help others. I'd helped take care of patients in a nursing home, reading letters to them, chatting with them.My head was full of self-congratulations. I was feeling incredibly virtuous, wonderfully delighted with myself, absolutely supior to lesser folks who were too selfish and preoccupied to reach out to rhose in need. Fully absorbed in myself,I scarcely noticed the grubby stranger heading my way. He aimed straight at me as if i was the only personout on the streets that day. when i suddenly noticed him, I braced myself. Uh-oh. I could see his filthy clothes, torn and stained. Clearly he'd spent months on the streets, perhaps living in doorways or beneith bridges, huddled in boxes or wrapped in news- papers for warmth. I dreaded the confortation. Being approached by homeless people made feel immensely uncormfortable. If I gave someone cash, it might be used badly. Besides, I didnt have much money myself. Every penny counted. In fact, I was walking home to save bus fare. With the coins i saved, I could buy myself a little treat, maybe an ice-cream cone. I'd earned a treat. I deserved it. As the stranger approached, I tensed. It was my money, after all. I worked hardto earn it. I had the right to keep what I'd earned. I had the right to spend it the way i wanted. I shouldn't be expected to give away my hard earned cash! Braced and tense, I watched as he drew near. "Can you spare a few cents?" he asked, his hand extened. I drew back without actually moving. I thought of the money in my purse. So little of it. And it was mine, all mine. I opened my mouth to make excuses, to tell him I didn't have any money, to lie and brush him away. His eyes pierced mine as i spoke, and I found myself telling him the truth, or at least part of it. "I done have much money. Nothing to spare," I told him. In a way, it was true. But those eyes pierced right through me. "I understand" he told me, his voice deep and steady. And I thought he did understand. Exactly. I thought he saw right through me, into my greedy spirit. I thought he knew somehow just how much money i carried and what i planned on doing with it. He seemed to see into my heart and hear the echo of my childesh desires. It was my money. I didnt want to share. Why should I? I wanted it for myself. Still holding my gaze, he said, "I havent always been as you see me now," and then he walked away, back straight, dignified in his ragged clothes. He passed behind me, and I stood, stricken and bereft, ashamed of myself. How could i be so selfesh, so unkind? Even with so little cash, I could share what i had. I could treat us both to some small treat. We could go together to a near by snack bar. My money would surely stretch for both of us. I whirled to call him back, but he was gone. In those moments when i was feeling shame for having been selfish, he'd disappeared. I never saw him again. but at that moment, staring down an empty sidewalk, I knew. That homeless stranger in his bedraggled clothing had known i wasn't as good and kind and thoughtful as I liked to think i was. He'd known the hidden selfishness in me. He'd known me. And suddenly I knew him. He'd given me a clue, hadnt he? He'd told me he hadn't always been as I saw him then. And I thought of the words in the Bible that urged hospital- ity to strangers because you never know when you might be entertaining an angel. I thought about those moments for a long time. I rehearsed what i should have told him, what i wish i'd said. I prac- ticed conversations in case he returned to give me another chance. I searched for his face on my walks from then on. But he didn't return. I guess he'd done what he meant to do He'd taught me a valuable lesson about myself and others He'd taught me not to think so highly of myself, not to feel. so pleased with me. And he taught me not to judge others too easily. Behind the next stranger in rags there might lurk an angel in disguise. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. -Hebrews 12:2
SEND ME AN ANGEL When life seems dark and empty and theres no hope in sight, look for God to send an angel to guide you toward the light &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& When the fearful heart longs for something to hold onto, when the despairing soul seeks strength to continue on, when the anxious mind reaches for comfort and hope...that is When God Sends an Amgel. It should come as no surprise that the originalHebrew translation of the word angel is messenger. Angels are God's chosen messengers of hope, love, and security in an ever- changing world. The pressence imparts evidence of some- thing far grander then the earthly illusions. Their words offer us clarity amidst the chaos of our times. And their love provides a glimpse of the indescribable nature of God What, exactly, is an angel? What does an angel look like, sound like,act like? Many of us have preconceived notions of what an angel may be, peiced together from biblical descriptions, fine art,and movies and television shows. Who amung us is unfamiliar with the image of the mighty archangels, the glorious seraphim, the adorable and chubby cherubs? In our imaginations, we conjure impressive silken wings, soft flowing robes, and golden halos. We imagine ethereal creatures hovering in midair, surrounded by heav- enly light as they despense love, hope, and guidence to the frightened and the helpless below. But God sends angels in forms we may fail to recognize, and its up to us to hear and act upon their messages. Angels can come in all shapes, sizes, and forms: as good friends who support our deepest dreams; as neighbors who go out of their way to help us; as pets that sense when are in danger; as strangers who offer us a hamd when we need it most. God sees everyone as a potential angel---even you can become someones angel. You never know when you might be called upon, so pay attention to that urging, that feeling that tells you to call your mother, check on a friend, or even just say a kind word to a passing stranger. Who knows? Maybe the hungry man asking for food on the street corner has been sent by God with a very important message just for you. Perhaps the security guard working the night shift has been sent to protect you in a time of danger. Or, just maybe, the women sitting next to you on the bus, or the one you've been "stuck" next to all day, is telling you something you need to hear. There are many people throughout our lives who act as angel: They inspire, uplift, and encourage us. They also protect us and confort us. Some angels come into our lives just when we need them--others are there for an extended time, and only to gradually do we come to recognize them as angels. Some angels connect us to a loved one we have lost, to let us know that person is okay or to allow us to finally feel closure. Sometimes we experience angelio intervention in the form of amazing coincidence and spectacular serendipity, only to pass it off as luck. Or we struggle with a difficult choice-- only to pass off that still, small voice whispering in our ear as intellect. Or perhaps we have a powerful and insightful vision that leads to an answer we have been seeking, only to pass it off as a dream--but our souls know what our minds cannot discern. God has sent an Angel. None of us walk th earth alone; we all have access to our very own guardians who take us by the hand and lead us into the light of a better life. Its our job to recognize these angels when they present themselves. It's our job to hear their messages. In order to call upon the angels and receive the blessings they impart, we must learn to actively listen with an open and willing heart. If we choose not to hear their message, or if somehow it slips past our comprehen- sion, how can we act upon it. Let the stories in When God Sends an Angel teach you how to listen. Let these stories guide you toward the mirarcles that accompany the pressence of angels. Let them be a beacon 0f hope leading you out of the darkness and into the light. Let these stories create within you a strong faith in the power of angels and their ability to make your life meaning and joyful. In the beautiful and inspiring collection of stories contained within When God Sends an Angel, you will meet angels who seem divine yet ordinary. You will read stories of hope restored, of love renewed, of life redeemed. Share the com- fort and insperation of others' encounters with angels, and believe, if you didnt believe already, that angels are present in everyone's lives--even yours.
for many days im going to be writing different stories of angels from something i bought i thought that people would like to read them for they are true & if they help everyone realize they arent alone then i will feel in some way i have helped because everyone needs help & an Angel on there shoulder so daily i will write a short story or two for everyone can read them. Thought i should tell you all im getting these stories from a book called "When God Sends an Angel"
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