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REALITY's blog: "Insight on me!!"

created on 01/08/2007  |  http://fubar.com/insight-on-me/b42331
Angels are beautful like the morning bluming of a bright red rose with dripping dew soaking up its petals... Angels are sweeter than the honey that a bumblebee has just made fresh and it makes your mouth tingle every time you have a taste... Angels are like the sunset seen from atop Everest- its the most stunning thing you'll ever see but it only comes once in a life time on a rare occasion.. These are the types of things you have to grasp on to and hold forever... So wat is an angel??? Maybe you..........
I am looking to make some friends, maybe it'd end up being more. I'm NOT into PLAYING GAMES.I am a little I guess you could say "picky" about what I want in life (but that's a good thing) I like to take my time getting to know someone before rushing into anything.How many of us rush into something because of looks and then find out we don't even like the person that we are now with cause we didn't take the time to find out what they were like in the first place? We all have done this :) Life is short,You only live once..I wanna do this right.....I'm not into the bar scene. I do have an occasional drink now and then. I'm not interested in meeting people just for sex or a one night stand. I want much more than that. But when with someone I am very passionate/romantic/intimate........I'm tired of all the games,and lies people play. Isn't there anyone out there that is for real and for one man or woman and not everyone else in this screwed up world anymore? I'm very kind soul, whom is loyal, trustworthy, sensitive, easy going, polite & respectful...To me it's the little things that mean so much that can not be replaced, Love and true friendship can't be bought by any person @ any price @ anytime..True love and friendship doesn't envy, doesn't try to compete, isn't self centered, forgives and forgets, trusts, isn't quick to judge,isn't selfish, doesn't lose hope when things in life go wrong, Love is a strong friendship that nothing or no one could tear apart......What I am in search for is for friendship and someone once in my life to love me as much as I love them in return.To treat me the way I do to them equally,and not judge every little flaw we may have... someone to love me for who I am...and not what they want me to be.....I am me and there is no other person like me in this world...I am unique and can't change who I am. I put my all into a friendship and relationship and don't mind if I have to compromise a bit for the other. If there are a few things that bother a guy when I am dating, I usally have no problem changing that.(how often do you hear that?) Not often but, I'm not your typical girl either. I believe in comunication in a relationship . If you can't talk to the person your with and work little things out you can't make it in any relationship...I am searching for my "SOULMATE" if he is out there somewhere..and if not well I hope to make a few 'good' friends.....((((((((I'M NOT LOOKING FOR SOMEONE THAT I CAN LIVE WITH BUT,FOR THAT SOMEONE THAT I CAN"T LIVE WITHOUT!!!!))))))) I want Someone that will be my BEST FRIEND as well as my Lover. Someone that likes not all but, alot of the same things that I do so that we'd have fun hanging out together..I know I am not like the rest... I'm one in a million and proud of it. I have Strong family morals/values. I never cheat and am very open and honest...I know alot of people out there are fake and say that everything /anything that you want to hear but, I am not one of them.I care about other peoples feelings and do everything I can to keep my friends or man happy that is in my power.I Believe in Fate, not coinsidence.. I believe that everything happens for a reason whether it's good or bad.I treat people the way I want to be treated, I'm not rude to anyone and don't look up or down at people because of what they have or don't have. I don't judge a person on their looks cause to me it's the inside that counts.I am Very 'Shy' in person until I get to know someone a bit. I love to write.
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