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     For the few of you that actually read these things, I'm finally getting better at the annual idea. Anyway, on with the show. I hate to say it but, Fu is irrevocably broken. There is no saving the old Fu so many of us used to know and love. I say this the day after a site sponsered "Lifefest". A contest where the person with the most likes wins 135 coins. Nevermind the fact that to get those 250K + likes hundreds of people ran power up bling for almost 24 hours straight. I'll let you do the math on the cost of all the possible combinations of powerups. But 24 hours worth of any of them is gonna cost you more than the prize. And you certainly don't have time to socialize if you want to be anywhere close to the top of that leaderboard. But then most of these upper echelon people have no interest in socializing anyway. At least not with common folk. That's why we have red names that think they are entitled to being paid to allow you to polish their bling as if it were taxes. Because they are the 1%...  

   Now in the past I have pointed out specific flaws and given suggestions on how to fix them. This year I'll point them out. But I'm not going to waste as much time on the ideas for corrective action because honestly, it falls on deaf ears that don't care. Think I'm exagerating? Just read through the comments on Baby J's New Ideas blog https://fubar.com/fubar-com-ideas/b30473 The man hasn't been seen in his own comments section in almost 10 years. Despite fairly regular activity for the first 2 years after posting the blog. Do you really think he's still listening to the masses? Or that a lot of the problems with this site today aren't due to changes he made a decade ago? For instance, does anyone actually remember the very short lived, failed attempt at a Fubar bikini contest? For those of you that do, how many knew Baby J was stacking the entries of an amateur bikini contest with professional models?

And you wonder why the salute level requirement went the way of the dodo? To be fair, back in 2011 it was still a little less common for everyone to have a camera phone that could upload pics directly to the internet. There were a few more steps involved then that became very discouraging if you had a bouncer telling you that there wasn't enough fingers in your salute pic (Actually had a salute rejected due to the way I was holding the sign) But these days it's a lot more rare that someone doesn't have that ability. So why not bring the requirement back considering how many people are asking for it? Could it be membership numbers are being fluffed? What porn site is paying Fubar's bills in exchange for allowing advertising accounts to slip through the cracks and up the ranks? Now I'm not saying every level 70+ account with no salute and hundreds of hidden pics is a porn bot. Of course not. Some of them are men who used to opening left by those bots to take the pics of an ex girlfriend they had stashed away for a rainy day to either a) Convince people to buy them coins/bling or b) trade access to NSFW pics. It is amazing how many of those accounts claim to be bi or lesbian... The fix for all of this got suggested to Baby J 9 years ago by a woman who was probably tired of competing with fake accounts for bling and coins. To paraphrase, she suggested that non-saluted accounts shouldn't be allowed to be pimped out or blinged and only have 100 days on the site before they get auto-deleted for not having a salute. Now I see no problem with non-saluted getting pimped out. Gets their face out there for the welcoming committee. That sort of thing should happen. But, with as easy as it is to upload salutes with today's technology there shouldn't be accounts with hundreds or thousands of pictures and not one salute. Restricting things like the ability to recieve coins through transfers would eliminate the accounts selling someone else's NSFW pics. It wouldn't stop the ones trading NSFW pic access but a level requirement that kept non-saluted under say level 30 would make those accounts stand out like a sore thumb after a couple weeks. 

   But that isn't going to happen. None of the other suggestions I've made over the span of almost 14 years are going to happen. Because Baby J and the other powers that be are out to make money. Which is all well and good. Except when this all began it was supposed to be a social site. Not a place to stroke the egos of the 1% that stuff the coffers. At this point everybody has two choices. Leave, like thousands before, to go unnoticed by the powers that be because if you were stuffing thier coffers enough for them to notice you, you wouldn't be inclined to leave. Or stay and continue to waste time, money, and effort in the hopes it will one day change. I personally am going with my own third, much less popular option. I'll stay. But I'm going to be removing any one I have never actually interacted with outside of a rate and like from my friends list. I'll also be removing any non-saluted accounts that are over 6 months old even if we have spoken. Sorry but it is way too easy to make one and upload it in a matter of minutes. 6 months is plenty of time to get a feel for this place and get it done. After removing all those I won't waste my time and effort stroking the egos of the 1% or those who aspire to join them. Means if you aren't still on my friends list after all the cuts I won't be rating/liking you daily anymore. True, it will certainly hurt my climb to the top level. But let's face it. Averaging 20 million points a day on a level that requires 250 billion isn't getting me there any time soon anyway. May as well kick back and enjoy the company of the few real friends I do have before the rest of them leave too.

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