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42 Year Old · Male · From Austin, TX · Joined on December 30, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 7th · I have a crush on someone!

42 Year Old · Male · From Austin, TX · Joined on December 30, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 7th · I have a crush on someone!


311,AC/DC,AFI,Alanis Morissette,Aphex Twin,Awolnation,Bat for Lashes,Beatles,Beastie Boys,Beck,Billy Idol,Bjork,Black Eye Peas,Black Keys,Broken Bells,Bush,Cake,Butthole Surfers,Chemical Brothers,The Church,Cobra Starship,Coldplay,Corina Round,Crystal Method,The Cure,Daft Punk,Danny Elfman,Danzig,David Bowie,Dead Weather,Death Cab For Cutie,Depeche Mode,Duran Duran,Enigma,Ennio Morricone,Fallout Boy,Filter,Foo Fighters,Fiona Apple,Foster The People,Franz Ferdinand,Front 242,Garbage,Ghostland Observatory,Gorillaz,Gotye,Gravity Kills,Greenday,Guns & Roses,Gwen,Incubus,INXS,Jeff Buckley,Joan Jett,Johnny Cash,Joy Divison,Justin Timberlake,KLF,KMFDM,Korn,Limp Bizkit,Linkin Park,Madonna,Marilyn Manson,Mars Volta,Massive Attack,Metallica,Metric,MGMT,Michael Jackson,Mindless Self Indulgence,Missy Elliot,Ministry,Modest Mouse,Moby,Mumford & Sons,Muse,New Order,Nine Inch Nails,Nirvana,No Doubt,Oasis,Offspring,One Republic,Panic! At The Disco,Paramore,Perfect Circle,Peter Gabriel,Pet Shop Boys,Pink Floyd,Portishead,Primus,Prodigy,Pusifer,Queens Of The Stone Age,Radiohead,Rage Against The Machine,Red Hot Chili Peppers,R.E.M.,Rob Zombie,Silversun Pickups,Siouxsie And The Banshees,Skrillex,Slipknot,Smashing Pumpkins,STP,Stray Cats,Sublime,System Of A Down,Talking Heads,Tenacious D,Toadies,Tool,Tori Amos,U2,Weezer,White Stripes,White Zombie,Yeah,Yeah,Yeahs,Young The Giant


2001:Space Odyssey,Across The Universe,Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzi,A.I.,Akira,Alien,An American Werewolf In London, Babadook, Beetlejuice, Birds, Blade Runner,Blair Witch Project,Brain Damage,Brain Donors,Brokeback Mountain,Bronson,Brothers Bloom,Cat With Hands, Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Dark Knight,Dead End,Dead Birds,Descent,Dog Soldiers, Drive, Drop Dead Fred, Devil, Dumb and Dumber,Dummy,Eastern Promises,Edward Scissorhands,Event Horizon,Evil Dead,Exorcist,Expendables,The Fall,Fifth Element,Fight Club,Fly(Remake),Frailty,Friday The 13th,From Dusk Till Dawn,From Hell,Funny Games(Remake),Ghostbusters,Ghost Dog,Ghost In The Shell,Ginger Snaps,Grandma's Boy,Great Expectations,Green Mile,Gremlins,Grudge,The Guardian(Horror),Guardians of the Galaxy,Harold and Maude,Harry Potter,Heat,Hellboy,Hellraiser,Hills Have Eyes(Remake),High Tension,Hole,Host,Hostel,House,House Of A 1000 Corpses,Immortals,Inception,Inglourious Basterds,In The Mouth Of Madness,In Bruges,Interview With A Vampire,Jacobs Ladder,Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Kill Bill(Vol 1 & 2),Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Legend, Legends Of The Fall,Let The Right One In,Lifeforce,Lightning Bug,Lost Highway,Lucky Number Sleven,Machinist,Mad Max,Man On Fire,Mars Attacks,Martyrs,Mask(1985),Matrix,Mirror Mask,Misery,Mortal Kombat,Mulholland Drive, Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite, Nightbreed, Nightmare Before Christmas,Nightmare On Elm Street,Nightwatch,No Country For Old Men,Nosferatu,Notebook,O Brother,Where Art Thou?,Office Space,Orphanage,Others,Pans Labyrinth, Perfume, Phantasm, Prestige,Psycho,Pulp Fiction, Rawhead Rex,Red,Requiem For A Dream,Ring,Road Warrior,Rocky,Running Scared,Sessions 9,Scott Pilgrim vs The World,Shawshank Redemption,Shining,Signal,Signs,Sin City,Sixth Sense,SLC Punk,Sleepy Hollow,Sling Blade,Slumdog Millionaire,Small Gauge Trauma,Star Wars, Sunshine, Terminator, Thing, Thursday, Training Day,Tropic Thunder,Usual Suspects,Uzumaki,Watchmen,Weird Science,Where The Wild Things Are,Wicked City,Wizard Of Oz,X Files,Zack and Miri Make a Porno,Zombieland


Breaking Bad,Dexter,Face Off,Family Guy,Frisky Dingo, Game of Thrones,House,Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia,Law And Order,Masters Of Horror,Modern Family,Monster Man,Monsters,Nip Tuck, Orange is the new Black,Robot Chicken,Sons Of Anarchy,Sopranos,Tales From The Darkside,The Voice,Twilight Zone,Twin Peaks,Walking Dead


Clive Barkers:Books Of Blood,Dantes Inferno,Everville,Great and Secret Show,Harry Potter,Icebound,Lasher,Mister B Gone, Parasite Eve,Private Demons,Taltos,Thief of Always,Watchmen,Witching Hour
Trent Reznor,Guillermo Del Toro,Edgar Allen Poe,H.P.Lovecraft
Video Games
Bingo Bash, Blur, Candy Crush,Call Of Duty,Elder Scrolls,Fallout,God of War, Hanging With Friends,Hotshots Golf,Limbo,Mafia Wars,Mario Kart,Mass Effect,Pacman,Plants vs Zombies,Resident Evil,Silent Hill,Spades,SSX,Street Fighter,Super Mario Bros,Tetris

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