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And in the end"....


"In the end, my life will not have mattered. When I am gone, no one will notice. I am alive for now, and no one sees me. I have done nothing that matters to anyone. "

     "What about those that love you"

"They will move on with their lives. I'm this tiny little blip in their lives. A moment of stardust that barely had any light to give. No, I think they will be fine and maybe even better off without me."

     "Can I change your mind?"

"No. I know now who and what I am. It was my role in this life and I played it all too well. I was the one who complained about life but had what I needed. I was the friend no one wanted to talk to or share their secrets with. I could be trusted but everyone had someone else. I had the illusion of being a friend but I wasn't. That was the worst.....no.... finding out was. I looked outside my shell, shed a single tear, then closed my door. I would no longer be a burden to anyone."

     "What if you're wrong?"

"I'm not on this. Ask yourself, when I need a friend to lean on... now what is your answer.... no don't tell me. It wasn't me was it? It's okay, I know. I'm just so tired of this life. I feel like a selfish waste of space. Thank you for being a friend to me. I wish I had been one to you as well.

     "No wait...."

~her form fades into the fog and leaves a nothingness standing as a shadow of an existence.~

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