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created on 04/01/2009  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b288384

in loving memory


I had a dream last night . . .
In my world justice was swift and heaven was where salvation laid
Hell was your worst nightmare and the circus was fun
Storms where beautiful and rain was healing
Fire burnt, water soothed. Right was wrong and left was worse

I had a dream last night . . .
Wisdom enlightened and arrogance defied
Freedom reigned and oppression faltered
Dreams were gifts and life a privilege
Choice defined you and importance made you worthy

I had a dream last night . . .
Love made you tolerable
Touch made you sweet
Kisses made you weak
Whispers made you crave more

I had a dream last night . . .
My eyes opened to sunshine
I rose with a smile
Smiled with a caress
Breathed with a sigh

I had a dream last night . . .
But then I woke and you where still gone
Clouds turn the sky grey once more
Birds stopped singing and I was reminded
True grace doesn’t live on earth anymore

copyright jas 2009

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