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I had a Dream....


LOL no really I had a dream last night f*cking Funny! Ok so BabyJesus had this like Bible he made of all the diss letters he's ever recieved from fellow fubar members on this site and this one just happen to be written by MFKN Blue Eyes... Now I was just doing my regular thing on fubar... Rating people and such and LLCQ SBs me and says that Blue Eyes had talked mad shit to Mike about me... lol I'm like thinking the worsst not that I'm worried cause you know.... Anyways the letter stated:


Dear BabyJesus, Your a fucking Asshole for letting C51 and DJ Hard Drive Talk shit to me all the time and make videos about me doing guys in parking lots for bling packs! I swear Im going to delete my account and never spend a dime on here again. la la la you probley know the rest...


So after seeing that he had another blog that was NSFW linked to the Bible Blog... I step into it and find out that its all the Inboxes and SB's betewwen Blue Eyes and all the people on Fubar she ripped off over the years. I laughed a lot and soon after woke up. Figured I had to share that with you all! LOL!


Lots of Love, C51

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loves to cuddle,



no kids,

no baggage,

loves cats,

all heart,


not all about sex,

drug free,




quick witted,



great family,



dosent give up,

knows what he wants isent afraid to get it,

isent boring,



never been married,


loves to play video games,

man of God,



loves giving,

also loves to recieve,

can cook,

abad boy with a good heart

loves music.

Is NOT a man whore


Not Egotistical

Hey all I know that alot of you are worried or concerened about me so I figured I would just make a blog about it sence I prolly won't be on as much anymore do to alot of things.

I'm in a hard place in my life... some of you know that I was Agorephobic for 5 years of my life and finally God has rerleased me from that. After praying alot and I mean ALOT! My Mother, Surreal & DJ Deoblo from Fubar have been trying like hell to get me out at much as possible so that I can get use to once again being able to cope with the outside world.

Well recently I have been having God awful pain's from hell in my chest, lungs, heart, and Ovarys... (yeah yeah go to a doctor... I know I've heard it all before) A. I have no health insurance it will cost for a single person 2K for 6 months to get it and I've honestly only had about $35 to my name for 5 years! B. Agoraphobia, Hypercontriac, you name it. i know most of you won't understand all this being that you would have to live it to know it!

Anyway's I'm not one to give up but these past two weeks have been so hard! Matt aka Surreal you know the fu hubby has not called all this week... I heard from him 2 times he left me a YIM in 3 day incerments that he had to get an MRI and that he was sick... now usually if your sick don't you usually let the love of your life know whats up? Call them all the time? He hasen't  once said I love you or that he misses me all week! And it hurts more than anything in the world.

I have called all the hospitals in his area in a 6 hour radius, called his place of work and they said they have never even heard of him... I even called his Ex Wife and she basically told me to go Fuck myself! I also tried conntacting ppl he was close to on facebook, nothing posted some stuff on his wall asking that if they know of where he is or how he is that they would let me know!

We haven't talked sence Vday... he sent another chick back and forth spicey gifts and why? WTF? No double standards my ass? Ok all i know it's Fubar who can you trust... Fubar is like a dating site designed for hookers and Players I get that but for the good ppl of Fubar keep on going! A few of you have said that Surreal was a player... that hurts even more!

I love Surreal I really do he's been my best friend and love of my life for so long and i know in my heart of hearts that were ment to be together! I wanted to go down and see him but sence none of the work and talent I do for any of you ever gets anything but some fubucks because bling packs you can pay for fake shit but graphics no no no fuck that... so I'm broke I sit here all day and do up wonderful things and I get nothing back for it basically because this is just a website its not real life! All I ever wanted was a chance... and I almost got one when my parernts had put money down to buy an art store of mine and my moms dream but that failed to its kinda like God has me as his #1 in who should we give the most shit to? Oh theres a lucky canadate... don't get me wrong I love and believe in God because I have in my life felt them around me and do great things in my life but lately and for well sence 2000 its been nothing but shit shit shit... and why I still sit here time after time and give  two fucks about anyone is beyond me!

Ok so your like ok shit happens to everyone and no ones happy... and alot of that is true... and I am still thankful everyday for the things God has given me... Ive done with the bare minimum a crappy TV from the 80s, the last popular game system the PS2 cause i'm a sony lover... the Wii... but come on hellllllo no friends =s no wii fun... Ive never once had a brand new computer the one I'm on now's about as new as the tamagochis you got when you were a kid or when the first ninja turtles came out... but I'm not complaing I'm thanking God I guess you could say I'm pretty humble!

So I'm sick wtf ever right... I could be dying... oh fucking well... you know that I use to paint alot? Have you noticed anything new lately? Nope... pretty much gave up on that as well... being that the inspiration for it can't even call me! Hmmm New Fubar song? Fuck it... Just can't get it done no more... maybe one day but thats if I can stop crying and all that!

Am I wrong to let the love of my life not call me, not  even care and still love him? Maybe I'm just crazy... but as most of you know I'm not one to be alone. I hate it shit I'm a scorpio we value most highest our relationshis and our friends! Not y the stuff we got possasanals but by whom is in our life! Which reminds me Thank God For Caddy!

I don't know what Imma do to be honest... no money, no love, no life! gotta love it! And hey I'm all about "the secreat" as the next person but I think I'm at a point that I just can't get passed... as much as I do pray and as much as I do hurt... who really cares? No One point blank its all about omg how many NSFWs can i put on here so that Someone will get me an auto bomb or a bling pack so that i have a reason to get up in the morning and be a whore... poor kids thats all I can say pooooor kids! People seem to forget this is a WWW kids have computers in school... how devestating to be them and be like imma look up my mommy! BAM! I can see it now... My Mom/Dad they whores.

Anyway enough bout that all Im saying is I prolly won't be around here much anymore...

Late! Comment if you like... C51

What is you definition of true love?

True love is when you put your partner's interests above your own. It is when you will do anything the see them happy, even things that may go against what you believe. It is called sacrifice and true love is nothing without it.



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It would not fit in the Mumm... DAMNIT! Ok Fubarians and Haters I have a serious question... I was with this guy for a long time and then he broke my heart and went out with this other girl he met online. I loved him then and I still love him now even after what had happen to me... yes I already know your going to say I'm crazy for still loving him but honestly I feel like he's the one and have for a long time! Anyways he lives all the way on the other side of the states and has 2 kids... so he wants me to go and live with him down there, which I totally understand because he does not want to leave his kids. Well I just got these incredible jobs out here doing what I love to do in Commercial Art my biggest being helping out with the Metal-Mare Festival that I'm excited about more then anything! Although being alone is just not in my vocabulary... I don't want to start dating anyone else because I'm scared of what might happen I've been rapped 4 times so I'm not that trusting when it comes to getting with someone I barely know and starting a relationship... I've pretty much been in a box for 5 years of my life do to getting beat in my previous relationship before him. Anyways we've talked about all this he's not up for doing the long distance type of thing I totally am because well of course I love him and I'd wait forever if thats what it took... I have told him time and time again that if he came here I'd do everything in my power to make him happy because all I want is for him to be happy! Being that I would give him massages everyday after work, sex sex sex and everything that goes along with that... i.e. sucking more cock then I know what to do with it... lmao, sending him to a great collage to become what he's wanted all along, going down to be with him and his kids every once and awhile exspecially on the holidays because we all know his baby mama ain't gonna let them come here... (bitch) opps I am not one to judge my bad! Lets just put it this way anything he wants and or needs is his on a silver platter! He's told me that he loves me and that I was the one as well... and he promised that he would come down and help me get over the whole Agorephobic thing as well but I usually get lied to so I'm not excpecting it although it would be nice! Buttttt.... (I hate those) he does not want to move here because of his kids that he only sees on the weekends most of the time. I mean its not like he has to stay here and never see his kids... and its not like I won't want to do up and see them as well with him... and even if he just comes to see me and I come to see him every once in awhile... would you not even take that chance knowing that the one you been looking for all your life you have found? Anyways my question is... what would you do if you were him? A. Stay where he is and f*ck whores and keep getting your heart broken over and over again... or B. Come if only for a little while, be with the one who no matter what happens is always there for you through it all!

Hey all... I want a VIP And so I'm offering up these Items... SB Me or send me a VIP and I PROMISE that I will Do everything on this list for you! 1. Shitfaced for a however long the VIP is for! 2. 4 pics graphically designed or morphs! 3. SFW Salute! 4. Pimpout on my page for how ever long the VIP is for! 5. All Stash Rated 6. All Pics Rated 7. #2 Spot in Friends for how ever long the VIP is for! 8. 1 Million Fubucks 9. 6 Bulletin Pimpouts 10. 1 Blog Pimpout 11. Access to NSFW's 12. 200 11 rates a week 13. Daily Profile Comments 14. Cherry Bombed whenever I have one! 15. #3 Spot in family for how ever long the VIP is for! 16. Random Blings 17. Personalized Skin 18. PIMPOUTS FOR HOWEVER THE VIP IS FOR!
Thats an awesome deal isen't it... 18 items for a VIP! Thanks to all that whom have stopped to read this! Lots of Love! C51

blackwolf: you can say it to me - I will say it to you blackwolf: and you are a bullshit artist blackwolf: you know what was the first thing to go through her mond? her asshole blackwolf: wanna continue or will you end your pain now before I really decide to trash your to the point you will cry? better yet - get blocked so you can hang with your ghetto wannabes ->blackwolf: Hey my mom was on that plane that smashed into tour 1 you fuck dont talk shit about my mom on this sacred day you old mutha fucker blackwolf: yea ok - tell your mom to stop putting her videos up then ->blackwolf: go back to jacking off to your transexuall porn to! blackwolf: go back to playing your video games since you want to be an asshole all your life. just do the world a favor & dont procreate ->blackwolf: a REAL WTC Responder woulden't be sitting on fubar on a friday night talking to 24 yr old girls either.... blackwolf: you are dealing with a REAL WTC Responder you fuckin fool blackwolf: yea alex jones - the head liar behind the 9/11 inside job bullshit ->blackwolf: alex jones? blackwolf: yea and? blackwolf: keep listening to people like alex jones - send him your money while you are at it so I can laugh at how dumb you are ->blackwolf: Its an opinion... sorry I thought this was a free country... wait nvm : blackwolf: got any more bright ideas fu-tard? ->blackwolf: really? blackwolf: actually I was bouncing your mom in her trailer ->blackwolf: shut up fucker you were sitting at home at your computer jacking off to porno flicks That one guy: oh shit! got me so hard blackwolf: how do I know - I was AT the WTC on 9/11 Mind you all... this guys 44 and hes on fubar talking to me on a friday night.... really? a WTC what?

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