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41 Year Old·Male·From Portland, OR·Joined on November 25, 2007·Relationship status: Single·Born on January 2nd·29 referrals joined!·I have a crush on someone!

“The Portland band Separation of Sanity has a few Junkies in the lineup. They just went into the studio to cut three tracks, and one of those was "Pandemic," inspired by the INFECTED series. As a metal-head from wayyyyy back, I have to say I am fucking flattered by this. Now, I say "I am fucking flattered" while holding a lighter in my left hand and knocking back a double-shot of Jager with the right (and, in true meh-tal form. I am also kicking some punk-ass motherfucker in the nuts with my left foot, while balancing all this awesome on my right). This is not meh-tal for pussayyyyyys!, it is the real deal. So if you have any asses you've been thinking about kicking, get their addresses handy and then listen to this mutha. ”
— Scott Sigler- New York Times "Best Selling Author", The song "Pandemic" rawks

Skull-crushing opener!
Posted: 30th May 2011 by Allen Sale in promotional

Portland, OR rockers Separation of Sanity deliver an impressive debut leaving this listener wanting more. Thanks to a blurb by the New York Times bestselling author Scott Sigler, I was introduced to a hungry band eager to infect others with their sound. The first salvo is titled Greed and is deceptive in how light it is compared to the tracks that follow it. The band serves up a melodic sound progression that is catchy and primed for air-play. The execution is tight, with nothing forced in their style. The next track Pandemic, centers on themes throughout Sigler’s novels “Infected” and “Contagious”. The song contains the catchy rhythms that were present in Greed, but the sound here is heavier and if fans aren’t echoing the word “legion,” then they are missing the point. This is a rock anthem in the making and should be embraced as such. What follows is the bands heaviest track (and the official theme of Astral Audio Entertainment), Grinder; a track that gives you the melodic tendencies of Greed and the heaviness of Pandemic. For me, this is the band’s moment to shine with an epic combination; a brutal rhythmic pacing that has a comfortable start/stop feel of a roller coaster, a chorus that gets stuck in your head, and a break down that begs for people to release their excitement in one final effort as the song draws to a close.

The band is consistent with their production, their performance style, and the use of imagery in their lyrics and I applaud them for keeping things engaging as well as fresh. If this skull-crushing opener is any indication, Separation Of Sanity is a band to watch out for and demonstrates that there is still life in the metal genre.

Allen Sale is the Executive Producer behind Astral Audio Entertainment; a creative engine that has enthralled its listeners since 2007 with podcasts on various indie artists, interviews, and audio dramas. Currently, he is promoting the upcoming short film Dark Worlds: Slasher, working on a short story anthology series, fulfilling hosting duties on the indie music source The Mothpod, and discussing all things horror on the live editions of Midnight Spookshow.

Separation of Sanity

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