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The assumption is that if you are spending a vast majority on your time online, navigating a website, you at least know how to read. You certainly have grasped the concept of "Click here" and "Bang my rang" and "God Mode is on." You always seem to nail the concepts there. So, tell me - why is this literacy only intermittent?

I can sit here working the site for hours without hearing my shoutbox go off once. The moment I set my status to "Gone out" or "Gone to bed" or "At work" or something I at least feel should be relatively simple to conceptualize, suddenly, everyone and their baby's momma floods my shoutbox with questions demanding immediate answers. These are the same people who ignore me all day, but camp my status changes. Suddenly, everyone remembers I'm here (see my blog including my pet-peeve about the "Like" button). Today, I followed it up with a status message that said "STOP STATUS-SEEKING ME!" which, predictably, caused more of the above.

This is only a rant. It's not going to change people's behaviors. I accept it because people aren't rocket scientists -- or, heck, even polite. After all, this is a website where some people entertain themselves by creating newbie accounts and posting pictures of their schlongs as their primary pic until someone nukes them.

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