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People tell me all the time,"I'd love to have your job!!!" and although I LOVE my job and wouldn't trade it for any other, (at this point in my life) the one thing a lot of those people don't realize is that tattoo shop life isn't like it is on Miami Ink. It might be if I could condense and edit my (close to) 60 hours a week that I spend there to a 42 minute show !! There is a lot you will never see on Miami Ink. Miami Ink won't show you the crack-head wandering in off the street to try and sell some stolen "Best of Twisted Sister" Cd and other useless stolen crap ( so he can go and by crack of course). They won't show you the guy that gets a tattoo, then passes out, and shits his pants. They won't show you the guy who THINKS he's "heavy" or CRAZY enough to walk into a shop and try to intimidate the staff and clients to the extreme point of getting violent and/or uttering death threats. These are just some of the things you don't see on TV, There's probably thousands or more "blogs-worth" of stories to tell, but who has the time...or the energy after dealing with it all day. To be totally honest I don't know what the hell it is lately....maybe something astrological; ---some kind of perfect alignment of a certain combination of planets and their moons or some shit, but the idiots coming into to my shop lately are a real special kind of idiot, and although I notice fluxuations in the ratio of Idiots to laid-back easy-going types at different times of the year, I notice the number of complete wastes of human space that I deal with in a day are rising, and continuing to rise with no sign of ever letting up ! My ability to let shit roll off my back like it's nothing, when most other people would totally lose control of their tempers amazes most people who watch me do my job. Despite the personal issues that I, and that we all face day to day, or the stresses of personal and family life, my skill for shutting down all feelings and emotion when needed is something that has taken me years to perfect....that is, I THOUGHT I had it perfected!.....Lately and like I said before, I have been having a bit of a hard time. Maybe it IS that the job is just getting more difficult because of the high doofus ratio, or maybe I just need time off to put it all in perspective. Yeah !!! Thats it !!!! ...I definitely need a vacation !!!
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