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Forgiving someone who has offended us is often very difficult, even for Christians. Nevertheless, god's word us very clear in defining our responsiblity to forgive those who have hurt us:

1. forgiveness is fully releasing another from the debt of the offense.

2. the person who forgives is the one who has the pay the price of foregiveness, just as jesus paid the price for you on the cross.

3. you are nver more like Jesus than when you forgive and show grace and Mercy. Being offended provides you with the invitation to reveal Christ to the offender by your forgiveness.

4. Forgiveness does not mean the the offense was not wrong.

5. forgiveness is not permission for the offender to do it again. It does does not require you to place yourself in harms way again.

6. forgiveness does not mean that you will fully forget. however, you choose not to hold the offense against the person any longer.

7. How much do you forgive? Jesus said, "70 times seven" (matthew 18:22)  In other words, forgive an unlimited amount.

8. Jesus said, "if (your borther) sins against you seven times in a day, and comes back to you seven times say, " I repent, You must forgive him (luke 17: 4).  In other words, even if the offneder really dosen't repent and chance his ways, you should still forgive.

9. even if the person dosen't believe he is wrong< forgive. Jesus set the model for us on the cross whrn he prayed for those who were killing him, "father forgive them,because they do not know what they are doing" (luke 23: 34)

Now let me be the first to say....."I am having touble doing these things" But I truly believe. That if i can master thes qualities, I will become a better person.

God bless all who read this.

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