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Legs Man's blog: "Am I him"

created on 08/31/2008  |  http://fubar.com/am-i-him/b242256  |  1 followers
I would hate to be him…… I would hate to be him; the one who had your heart and held it so frivolously. I would hate to be him: he who has held your hand and body, not realizing it was a gift and a privilege. I would hate to be him; to have something as precarious as your love and time, only to take it for granted. I would hate to be him; who has looked into your eyes and not seen the beautiful soul beneath. I would hate to be him; to have seen you at what would have looked to be your worst and not realize because of your strength, and resilience. In those moments you are really at your best. I would hate to be him; whose seed you carried, bore, and have continuously taken care of. I would hate to be him; and he like me was unaware, ignorant in our own intelligence. I would hate to be him; truly sorry for the hurt, pain and anguish I have caused and her not know. I would hate to be him; and realize that while I am not him for you, I have been him to someone. I would hate to be him……..
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