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You all know the drill..read from the bottom up... ->™ Ka...: just let me know ->™ Ka...: i will gladly paypal you the amount you spent on me for anything (he bought me fu-bling and a vip which i didnt ask him for) ->™ Ka...: but you just told me to stfu in a mean way, and then have the gall to say i was asking for it..wtf ->™ Ka...: I have been nothing but nice to you, and honest with you ->™ Ka...: I didnt ask for anything ->™ Ka...: Um no I didnt ™ Ka...: Like you didn't ask for it ->™ Ka...: i'm sorry Katman I have to go..i cannot handle the way you are talking to me..it was really not nice to tell me to stfu ™ Ka...: Then STFU about him ->™ Ka...: i am not the type who plays games or tries to make people upset ->™ Ka...: No I'm being completely sincere ™ Ka...: Are you just trying to piss me off? ->™ Ka...: for once in my life I feel special to someone..I havent felt that in a long time ->™ Ka...: he tells me he loves me ™ Ka...: Made me ill ™ Ka...: Not very fun seeing you add his name as your lover right behind your owner ->™ Ka...: I will never downplay your reasons to be mad at him but I am not the type of person who takes sides...I'm neutral ->™ Ka...: but if you knew the real him, and the way he talks to me, he is always so supportive and sweet to me ->™ Ka...: I mean i understand your beef with him ™ Ka...: But he's such a loser ->™ Ka...: he did ask me to fu-marry him and eventually meet him ™ Ka...: I'd like that. I'd love you to write my name on your tits too LOL ->™ Ka...: i'd do it ™ Ka...: So if I ask for a sexy shot fdedicated to your only true love? LOL ->™ Ka...: he asked me for a early morning pic..i do take requests and fulfill them..all u gotta do is ask ™ Ka...: The scummier he gets, the more you like him WTF? I'm sitting here in tears as I really hate to be talked to that way. I suffered emotional verbal abuse for so long, that any hint of it sends me into a panicky attack. I was being so honest and sincere with him and he fucking threw my feelings to the side and pretty much "yelled" at me. Not cool at all. I'm waiting for him to send me his paypal so I can give him his money back. I don't want anything from him ever again. I am beyond hurt right now. :(
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12 years ago
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