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created on 06/24/2011  |  http://fubar.com/my-wish/b341913

I cant make you see what I offer is real

how my heart races at the sight of you

long after you leave

I still feel your arms

your cologne seems to linger on my pillows

I cant seem to make you see

what your leaving does to me

each time you walk out that door

I feel a part of me go with you

you carry me with you each time

do you even notice it

how sometimes you feel

a caress and think of me for no reason

its me darlin

I am trying to let you know

you have me

I never leave you

even when you feel the world is too much

that you just cant take it anymore

when you feel that urge to ssssssssssscream

you feel me there

when you need me the most

holding you close

telling you baby im here

feel me

let me in

I will be the rock you need

the shelter from the storms

I offer you so much

its not a dream

its real

its all for you

open your eyes

see me

for the first time

really see me


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