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i am this guy " ...
created @ 2009-12-04 05:19:48

I’m the guy who will hold you close, not because your cold or shaking, but because he wants to be close to you.

I’m the guy who loves to twirl you around into his arms anywhere and kisses you for no apparent reason other than loves you.

I’m the guy who says, “Okay, what would you like to do tonight?” not because he wants to go to a game, but because he is interested in you and what you like.

I’m the guy who would go anywhere with you, even to the opera or things that
he doesn’t like because he is spending time with you, and that is all he needs.

I’m the guy that is cautious to give his heart, but when he does it is all for you and he would rather die then not be in your arms at night.

I’m the guy who will bring you things for no special reason than he loves you.

I’m the guy who will never give up hope, and no matter what will stay with you for eternity.

I’m the guy who once is in love, will always love you and never will forget you or how special you are to him.

I’m the guy who if he has to go away is counting the seconds until he can be back in your arms where he belongs.

I’m the guy who loves to end a hug with a kiss and a kiss with a hug.

I’m the guy who you can talk to about anything and will sit there and listen to it all because he is interested in what you have to say.

I’m the guy who won’t brag about you to his friends, because what you and he have is for you and him and no one else.

I’m the guy who loves the sound of your voice.

I’m the guy who will hug or kiss you for no apparent reason but that he loves you.

I’m the guy who likes to come up to you from behind and kiss you on the back of the neck, then twirl you around, look in your eyes and kiss you again.

I’m the guy who loves everything about you and doesn’t care what anyone says, because you are his world.

I’m the guy that loves it and is walking on air when you introduce him to everyone as your boyfriend.

I’m the guy who loves to hold your hand, just to be able to touch you, and walk with you without saying a word.

I’m the guy who will never forget your birthday or how we met and will relive it with a smile on his face because that is the day his life changed for the better.

I’m the guy that loves you and only you with his whole heart, there are no other girls in the world, and you are his princess, his angel, his love, his life.

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