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Eye Color: Jet Black...with a large dose of Hazel.

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'1"

Typical Hair Style: Flat Top or buzzed bald

Typical Clothing: Tee Shirt and Jeans or a hoodie and jeans...

My Favorite color: Black, Blue, Green...

Mode of Transportation: Geo Prizim Lsi

Astrological Sign: Stop! Scorpio

Taste that makes me melt: sulfuric acid... or a great steak.

My Cologne: Sean John Unforgivable, Nautica Sport, Nautica Blue, Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction, Axe Dark Temptation...

My Bodywash: Powersport: Gravity

A Hobby I Enjoy: Taking Pictures... Want to pose for me? :)

A City I Would Like To Visit: New York

A Country I Would Like To Visit: Australia & Ireland...

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Jameson... Jack Daniels... Rum... Miller Lite...

Favorite Non Alcoholic Beverage: Sobe No Fear, Sprite, Water

A Game I Like To Play: Monopoly... Scrabble... Phase 10... Chess

Book I Would Recommend: Anything by Laurell K. Hamilton

A Movie I Could Watch Over & Over: Halloween, The Last Boyscout, Aliens, Officespace... I don't think there is enough 
              room to answer fully.

My Pets: 2 indoor cats... Jameson & Jack Daniels & 3 outdoor cats... Bogart, Soot & Corona

Something I collect: Shot Glasses

If I Could Afford It Right Now I Would Buy: 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8... Or A House.

My Strangest Possession: Ouija Board

Celebrities I Have Met: The Lead singer for Mudvayne & A Couple of Mushroomhead Members...

3 Things I would Save If My House Was On Fire: My cats & Grandma

3 Words My Friends Would Use To Describe Me: Ask them...

My Biggest Fear: Dying

3 Best Qualities: Loyalty, Dependability & Kindness

3 Worst Qualities: I'll give you 1 Procrastination... Judge the rest for yourself.

Strangest Place I Had Nookie: Bench at a school playground. (At Night)

Emotion I Tend To Hide: Fear

Something Thats Been On My Mind Lately: What's the meaning of life?

Physical Trait I Find Attractive In The Opposite Sex: 1. Eyes 2. Face 3. Hair 4. Body

Goal Set This Year: Lose Weight

If I Had A Million Dollars I Would: I wouldn't be wasting time on here... lol

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