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     The title should say it all. I talk to myself too much.  There was a time when I had someone who could listen to me.  This isn't to say that people no longer listen to me, because they often do.  The problem is what they're listening to isn't really ME.  It's the response to what was said and more than likely just something said to encourage further conversation.  It's social intereaction.  It's not a moment where I get to show myself.  I don't really belong in society these days. 

     Anyway returning to the point, hopefully....

I talk to myself because it's how I reason things out. How I manage to put together the pieces of my own interpretations of Quantum Physics, Occult studies, Psychological and Sociological information.  It's how I assimilate information and solve my problems.  I rant.  It's hard to do though because not a lot of people can simply listen and hear what I say.  They know what I vocalize, but not always what I say.  Yes thats a tricky thing to understand.  Life itself if tricky. 


I miss someone to talk to.  Someone to listen to and someone who is able to listen to me and while I don't expect people to always follow my logic perfectly, I'd like to think they had a base understanding that didn't require my more advanced ramblings to have to sound like a term paper and list a series of dates, refferences, and basic scientific principals. 

     But I may just be rambling again.... I guess... I'm lonely?  is that possible?  I mean I have friends, I have family, but I don't think I ever really get to talk to them... I mostly just interact with them... they don't really seem able to understand the world as I do.... is that arrogant? I suppose it is...



But is it so arrogant if its true as well?  I mean how can I expect to find another woman like her if I know myself that my brain has put me in a rather unpleasant fraction of the human race?  Frankly my odds have been cut down dramaticly I believe.  Crap... okay enough of this rambling it's begining to depress me...

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