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Living a life of mixed feelings. Going, going.....gone. Where is time? Did I leave it back far away back in the day? Who knows, what a feeling is. I have not been able to grab on to these feelings for so long. Harder to see through the tunnel over there. Friends come and Friends go....not caring about them . I sit here looking around and saying to myself wow......."WHAT A DAY"

****Words to think about**** Relationships Trying to be something you are not..... Learn to love, stop making it a game.... Stop making life such a confusion.....and maybe one day we will stop having........"MAD ISSUES"
"A Man's Point Of View" I'm ready to make you the happiest woman in the world. Willing to be your one and only lover. Able to hit that G-spot and make you cum each and very day, over and over again!!!!
Other can not make you angry or upset unless you give them this power. "Lord strengthen my ability to know I feel is my choice and help me respond in ways that make me a happier person.
Thoughts of the past can not hurt you without consent. "Lord, help me to learn from my past, not live there by continually bringing it into the present".
Every moment of every day is your choice unless you give it away. "Lord, I choose to live peacefully today and ask for patience and strength when I feel stress from the demands others place on me".
I take with me the memories of your laughter. I take with me the Good mornings and the Goodbyes. I take with me the whispers of your sweet voice in the darkest of nights. The love you showed me will never die, now and forever more, because...... It's so hard To Say Goodbye. To The One I Luv....now and 4 ever more
I rest my head down on this pillow tonight thinking of you, wondering if you are thinking of me. Lying here once where you held me; you are NO more. I feel alone, forgotten, weak, mindless, because you are not here with me. God help me to see my way through this. I sit, and sit and sit, waiting for your return, but you are NO more.
To someone Special, in my life Thanks for sharing ur story with me. I shall remember you,my love as long as I am here,and life still holds a memory of any yesteryear as long as there is a breath in me and vision in my mind of all we had together once and all we left behind your laughter in the morning when the sun was on the street the gentle silence in the dusk when shadows touched our feet the song that echoed softly in the words of every verse. When we agreed to share our lives for better or for worse. I shall remember you, my love for all the wondrous past. And I shall love you faithfully how ever long I last.
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