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3442332's blog: "huhwot"

created on 03/29/2010  |  http://fubar.com/huhwot/b330854  |  9 followers

Yeah yeah, in more ways than one.


My boss is on a navel-gazing share with the world growth experience kick.


I fucking hate him sometimes.


Anyway...he said I had to do a 'sharing' bollocksy GAHHHH FUCKHIM presentation on Tuesday (the whole team does but still...this is about me). And I got him to kinda agree that I could be 'creative' with it...and now I need you.


Part of his ongoing quest, not directly related to THIS clusterfuck, is the 'perceptions of others are your reality' bollocks. Soooooooooo I'm doing my own lil creative survey.


Basically I want all the words that you can think of that describe how I am (not how I look so sorry but fat/old/ugly/man are out). Good, bad or indifferent, I don't care. Only proviso is the swear words need to be at a minimum. Creativity and volume are what I'm really looking for.


Yes I'm asking family and non-fu friends as well...I want as many words as I can get - single words rather than really long sentences telling me how I ruined your life though.




I may regret this, but fortunately 'sensitive' isn't gonna be one of the words used. Seriously, be as brutal as you like.


**Edit - I'm deliberately not responding cuz otherwise I'll divert the project and you'll think I'm favouring some responses...basically after being called the Terminator nothing's gonna come close anyways (y) Thanks everybody

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