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Sometimes stuff gets on my nerves, stupid stuff. Sometimes I have really hard time containing my displeasure, which is kind of a bad thing since I am a waitress, lol. I'm just supposed to smile and be sweet..... no matter what. I have gotten pretty good at that, but.... I sure have some days of falling short. In the last few weeks there have been some issues for me that are pretty nonsensical (yeah, I can admit that) but this stuff just PISSES me off. Some of these things are particular to being a waitress or being in retail or some job where you serve the public...... and they are in your face, in all their stupidity and self-centered glory. I HATE INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE! It puzzles me as to why they come into a public place and do the following things....... When you come into a restaurant, turn your damned cell phone off, at least until you have ordered your food. It's someones job to bring you what you want, but they cant if they don't know what that is, because you won't interrupt your VERY IMPORTANT phone conversation. And God help you if you are on the phone when I approach your table and you hold a finger up at me as tho I should wait for you to finish. I have 6 other tables to take care of. I can't stand there and monitor you until you get to a stopping point. Inevitably these are the same people that then complain because its taking so long to get their food, after all they have been in the restaurant 20 minutes! How Dare us?! When you bring your child in a restaurant (especially children under 3), why is it necessary that we provide you with crackers for your kid to smash up and throw on the floor so that we have to clean them up? If you choose to allow them to do that at home, that's one thing I guess, (I'd hate to see your house) but you are in a PUBLIC PLACE and SOMEONE (me) has to clean that shit up before anyone else can be seated there. How would you feel if I came to where you work and let my kid do that? Isn't that what parenting is, modeling for children the correct way to fit into society? I swear to you I don't hate kids, I hate crappy parenting skills. Why bring a child under 3 into a restaurant where they probably never remember being before and argue with them over choices on the menu? The waitstaff is trying to take your order. You should know wtf your kid will eat and what they won't. Be a PARENT, remove the choices, make a decision, and let people do their job. They have other customers to care for as well as you, and can't stand there for 20 minutes while you and little Johnny argue about what they would like to drink, and mac and cheese or kids pizza, get fkn real! Let them decide and debate with you when you are AT HOME! What's with the new HUGE ASS SHOPPING CARTS made to haul 2 kids and all the groceries and such. Some are cleverly disguised as race cars, etc... making them even more bulky. When I was a kid, I was taught to walk alongside my mother while she shopped, and leave stuff the fk alone. She didn't feel the need to contain me in some fkn thing as big as a railroad car, that takes up the entire aisle at the store, preventing others from passing and doing shopping THEY ALSO came to do. It's really not ALL ABOUT YOU! Then when you get to the checkout, the kids of course are running crazy, and you are in FRONT of this HUGE ASS CART unloading your things, and then rather than push the cart AHEAD of you when it's empty, you fight with your brats about candy bars and such. I can't even unload my items onto the belt because you won't MOVE YOUR ASS UP! I have to wait til you schlep off with screamin kids in tow.... Thanks for making MY shopping experience so pleasant! I am becoming so intolerant, I'm sure there will be more rants to come...... thanks for listening, I really am not a bad person, I was just taught to have respect for others around me, the world isn't all about me, we just need to slow down a bit and be considerate of others, and how we affect them. Sad to see so few people care about that anymore. Hope you are all havin a great week! xoxox Belle
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