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click on start and then continue reading ;) grrrr well i came back home early last night there was a lot of food in the party, drinks, alcohol, music, sexy guys lol..... you wanna know why i was out so early? lol because the stupids put around 1500 person in a room that wasn't so big, the place hadn't windows open, nor cooler fans or air conditioner... result: i was almost passed out!! i couldn't breathe!! so after 3 hrs (we went at 5:30pm) i decided i couldn't stand it no more plus i was so tired, and my feet were killing me! it was a good idea of comming home, after 30 mins or so, that i came home last night, here started raining a lot, it was a big thunderstorm of summer (still not summer, but in few days it will be!) anyways now is very hot again... i'm so looking forward to move out of this oven!!!

ohhh there is a magic all around you *sings* yep, i feel good, very good it was a completely crazy week! i had no time for anything else, one of my co-workers is leaving the bank and i have to catch like 70% of what he does! YES! i'm tired for that and many other things but well, tonight is the "end of the year celebration" of the bank... ehehhe i guess if there are 3000 working in the bank, at least 1000 will go there! free food and drinks, music, and many other things! not sure if i'll be back home late tonight... or if i'll find good company and finish the party somewhere else ;) lol i'm so lucky that i'll be back home early ROFL appart from this, not much, i have a long day working before the party :) please take care, enjoy of your weekend, and be nice xD hugs Maria

i'm so in the mood for this one now... i wont record myself playing the piano (yes i play but i wont do it) so i just surfed looking for someone that played similar to me (in fact, his piano is very similar to mine) here you go, enjoy of the good music

since i love so much this artist in poetry, i'll share one of his works with you all (i'm really bad writting poetry, but i found a translation because all his work is in spanish) Letīs Make A Deal When you feel your wound about to bleed When you feel your voice about to sob Count on me. Partner, You know You can count On me Not up to two Or up to ten, But count On me. If sometimes You notice That I look into your eyes And a vein of love You recognize in mine Don't alert your rifles Nor think "what a delirium", In spite of the vein Or perhaps because it exists You can count On me. If several times You feel me Unsociable without reason Don't think "what a slack", The same way you can count On me. But letīs make a deal, I would like to count On you, It is so nice To know you exist, One feels alive And when I say this I mean count Even though itīs up to two or even though itīs up to five, Not to make you come Hasty to my aid But to know certainly That you know you can Count on me.

i'm better, i had a bad evening and night yesterday again... high fever, cough and all, but yeah i wont die i guess lol i got back my voice!!!!! i tryed singing the next song i'll post but oh well not a lot because i don't want to hurt my throat back is sore, and that's why i'm sitting here for sometime... special thanks to kinky, patrickk23 and fireman for being worried about me (actually they where the only ones) but here goes the song! it is in my stash so if you like it you can go to find it there and many other classic songs anytime

if it wasn't enough with my gastritis, lol i got allergies problems now, sinus infection, and flu... guess the cough and that i have no voice at all!!! i can't talk :( i sound like a sick dog in the street lol i was with breathing treatment now with the nebulizer... and it makes me feel a lil bit better, but yeah, the only bad thing is that it lets a smooth salty flavour in your mouth! geez last night was horrible, i woke up each 2-3 hrs and yes i'm feeling so crappy now... they can't give me stronger meds because of my gastritis either!! :'( i'm gonna cry lol but YES! i'm strong enough and i know i'll be better soon :)
well, this morning after i woke up, i got the horrible pain again on top of my stomach, getting every second worst... went to the hospital again, and they gave me serum and meds to my vains like the last saturday :( i have no luck, and i got an appointment with the specialist of stomach for next wednesday... my arm hurts too where i got the needle, it's the second time in less than a week that i got that vain hurted they said i need more tests, because that can be a vesicle problem and that's for surgery :-/ geez... ok, i stop ranting, because it doesn't help me feel better anyways! i need to distract my mind from the pain i still have (yeah i got the meds, but my stomach still feels sick) you all have a nice day and happy thanksgiving for me!
i'm bouncer trainee but don't receive any money we are all volunteers if you ask me why, it's just for the pleasure to help :) so no more questions? xD thanks! appart of this, and feeling groggy for the meds i'm taking, i'm better yeah! thanks to all the people that was worried and kept calling me to know how i feel and the gifts i received!
... and i have it... i woke up at noon, and after 40 mins i decided to eat some pizza... but after 30 seconds my stomach started to hurt so much that i couldn't breathe (yes i cried like a baby) there was no solution, so i had to ask my parents to take me to the hospital went there, got serum in my arm 500 cm3, medicines, blood test, heart test, preasure test... the result? gastritis... :( yeah, you can see how much sucks everything now lol but yeah i'm still alive :) and no, there is nothing that can make me down for long time i'm ok right now, but dizzy about all the medicines they gave me directly to my vains...
are you being hacked? having stalkers telling they will hack you? well, if you got some problems with it here you have few things you can do against it 1) don't save any password in your computer (in the browsers, messengers, or email client) 2) don't tell anyone your password, and doesn't matter if the person is your best friend or your husband/wife/bf/gf 3) be sure you got an antivirus (you can find them for free) that does live scanning (when you're about to open a file, it will check automatically any virus activity, and will be controlling any weird activity in your computer too) 4) if you have one already, then check for updates every day 5) get an anti-spyware (there are many for free), usually they detect keyloggers and other kind of spy programs that collect passwords 6) if you're in a webpage, always check the url on top f.e. you see the Cherrytap main page with all colors and pics like everyday, but the url, for example, looks like this: http://imgoingtostealyourpassword.com then don't log in and report it, that's a fake cherrytap! this one happens with email accounts too 7) change your password time to time (usually every week or every 2 weeks) 8) a solid password will be good, like this: - mix of letters and numbers - don't use words or numbers that are related to you, like hubby name, street, favourite team, birthday number etc. - use caps mixed too, it is case sensitive - don't go with series in your passwords like: joe1, joe2, joe3 9) don't let anyone guess how your password could be hope this help you :)
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