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I am absolutely disgusted and and appalled by the new administration. I'm actually pretty impressed with how unbelievably irresponsible they are. You do not apologize to the world for something a bunch of terrorists did and then blamed on the americans without doing any sort of research. Another thing that i find pretty incredible is how they just pass legislature that makes absolutely no sense just because the "right-wing nuts" don't like it. I'm sick of the malice. This is a country that has always encouraged different opinions. For example, I have friends who are liberal and friends who are entirely conservative, I don't fully agree with either, but i respect their views, and listen to them. They respect my views as well. We agree to disagree. It's much easier than arguing and blame-shifting. That sort of thing is what children do, but i know some kids who have more common sense than the president. I don't think he knows much about history at all. He thinks that Winston Churchill was against "inhanced interrogation" that's not true at all. Churchill was brutal. He did whatever it took to take out Hitler. He did some pretty questionable things. He probably heard it from Biden, because Biden obviously knows history. I mean, come on, he knows that FDR got on TV when the stock market crashed to tell the people that it would be ok. It's a shame that Herbert Hoover was actually the president and that Radio was pretty new, and not many people had one. TV wasn't even invented yet. But whatever the ignorant people can believe an ignorant president all they want. Oh, and by the way, all of you who read this (which probably isn't very many,) I am NOT a "right wing nut" I am a Libertarian. I have some conservative views, but don't think i'm some irrate republican. Republicans piss me off too.
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