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Have you ever had a situation in your life where NO matter what you do it is always wrong? I have this right now & it is driving me crazy! I like (you can even say I love) this really great guy but he cant see beyond the drama in his past to see I am not like that! I have tried to be more open with him & every step I take he kicks me back 15 notches... I am a PPL peson! But I am wrong for being friendly towards anyone! I am a TRUE friend that will give some1 the shirt off my back! But I am wrong for having friends (more so cuz they are guys)! I am a open minded, mouthed person! I will tell you things bluntly regardless if it hurts your fellings! HOW THE HELL DO YOU MAKE A MAN SEE YOU ARE NOT THE EVERYDAY FEMALE & THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE HIM U WHOLE HEARTEDLY, BUT CANT 100% CHANGE YOUR LIFE STYLE CUZ THAT MEANS U ARE NO LONGER WHO U ARE!!!?
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