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Your result for The Social Orientation Inventory...

The Crooner


You scored 54% Attention-desiring, 91% Other-directedness, 74% Attachment-desiring, 56% Emotionality, 63% Romance-seeking, 48% Range, and 66% Secureness.

Your Bonding Quadrant: Merging

Summary: You enjoy high levels of interaction with those you choose to be close to. Your romantic relationships tend to be of the "attached-at-the-hip" variety, and you probably like to dote on your significant others. Your friendships are fairly constant over time.

Here is a glossary to help you understand the cryptic, septapartite notation of your SOI type:

-Attent=low desire for attention, acknowledgement, and/or interaction

+Attent=high desire for attention, acknowledgement, and/or interaction (specific attentional needs vary from type to type)

Self=more interested in oneself than in others when interacting

Other=more interested in others than in oneself when interacting

-Attach=does not seek out long-term attachments

+Attach=seeks out long-term attachments

-Emo=prefers unemotional relationships

+Emo=prefers emotionally intense relationships

-<3=low desire for sex and/or romance

+<3=high desire for sex and/or romance

Narrow=interacts with few people

Broad=interacts with many people

Insecure=expects negative evaluation from others

Secure=does not expect negative evaluation from others


Merging=High attachment-seeking, high emotionality (merging types are prone to obsession; devotion; identity crises; offspring)

Companionate=High attachment-seeking, low emotionality (companionate types are likely to be loyal, cool-headed, and dependable, with a long-term temporal orientation)

Acute=Low attachment-seeking, high emotionality (acute types tend toward extremes, and temporal orientation is mostly immediate)

Distant=Low attachment-seeking, low emotionality (distant types are the most autonomous and the most avoidant)

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