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I am who I am. I am a Full Figured female with some dangerous curves & so who friggin cares. My body not yours, so stop judging. Just because I am a different size than you does not make me any less of a person. It does not make me unworthy of your time, only an individuals closed minded preferences make those types of horrid choices. 

I am a parent, I try my best w/o the instructions manual. I just hope I don't screw them up so bad they have to have 55min shrink time a week once they leave the house.

I am a wife & lover, both requireing patients & managerial skill sets that occasionally pay off w/ beneficial perks.

I have unconditional love for all my friends & family. 

I am bi-polar & I embrace all that entails because it is a part of me, the good & the bad. I never had a choice, I was born this way. As well as many other medical malfunctions I have been plagued with. I have degenerative disk disease, 

costochondritis, bi-lateral tendonitus in both hands and wrists, suffer from multiple migraines on a daily basis, broken my left ankle 4x and have torn muscle & tendon issues in my left leg bc of it, siadica on the right and I could go on and on and on and on but what is the need. Most people will only see that I am morbidly obese and just think that I am a lazy ass person that cant stop stuffing her face long enough to lose any weight. Yeah well because of that pre-assumption of me they will never know that I am a perfectly healthy person biologically. Okay I fibbed a bit, I have an elevated cholesterol count, but that is because I can't get up and move around like I am used to doing. And my bi-polar is a chemical imbalance in my body that I have no control over. Also people are ignorant to the fact that a human body can gain weight in other ways that don't even involve food, but again no one really cares what lays on the inside of a persons soul or heart these days. Just what they can take in on that first 30sec glance they make over your body and declare their own biased opinion.


I am far from perfect and honestly I'd be pretty boring if I was. I have huge flaws, most I'm willing to admit openly. One of them being my talent for not blowing smoke...lol

I am a survivor of both Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault. All of which I would never wish on any human being, be it female or male. No person should ever have to endure such things in their lifetime. Those types of scars never heal fully.

I am the sum of my life experiences. I made choices in my life. Some good, some bad & some greatly stupid. I am only human.

I am the only me there ever will be. I strive to be a better me I can be everyday. Either you can like me for who I am or not. Either way its your choice.

Take heed in your first impressions of someone, because that first impression may lead you away from a person that could have changed your life for the better. Be it a life long friend or even maybe the love of your life. You can't really ever know what a person has gone through unless you have either gone thruogh it yourself or something similiar. Stop judging people and start loving them. Sometimes that is all it takes to keep a person going is someone elses love and caring.

Life is full of choices. Take care of those you choose.

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