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created on 05/13/2012  |  http://fubar.com/smartphones/b348124


With the advent of summer people all want to play color game, especially for most favorite shoes for girls more than any other single product. Seeing sweet and sexy girls move up, you no need to be discouraged. Today wholesale shoes online store koreanjapanclothing.com for you recommended several dazzle color fashion sandals, and analytical what style high-heeled sandals are most suitable for you.


Phosphor color will show light on the feet of fine white styles woven completely Shoulong live fat foot the middle of the vertical broadband more to extend the length of the instep, so that the feet and ankles with a line, the fashion shoes will not only allow the feet thinner, you can also show the slender legs.


This section Nubuck strappy sandals is designed specifically for the foot is not skinny enough fat feet female oh. Wide feet with naturally elongated lines of the entire foot, from the front feet quite slender and soft white rough with the design and better able to help thick legs girls to create a more slender legs.


If you have a foot long and thin, but the foot of meat this summer, most suitable for your shoes is the high light and serpentine pointed shoes. Shoes intimate breathable hollow network, the edge of the pointed toe will make your feet more sexy and skinny.


Want more slender foot Select the T-type fashion sandals go wrong: that is, to tie just at the foot of the middle and was the style of the T-shaped mouth and shoes, sandals most suitable fat foot girls wearing not only make your feet more slender sexy, but also increased significant legs.


If you are Hentian high of loyal fans, this summer should not miss a pair of high waterproof strap sandals. Lavender so that your feet look very rosy and bright, the dull color of the girls can rest assured that try foot cross taping of shoes like will feet fleshy decomposition in general, very remarkable fine feet.


Mixed colors sandals this year's hot models, so Bright with a cover, lack of feet wide and sensual, shine a unique taste, suck your eyes numerous, yellowish skin girls more suitable for this sandal will more detailed white foot.


Foot wide and too fat foot may wish to choose a bold transparent candy slightly stained mouth shoes; on the one hand, it can help to avoid too broad foot likely to cause embarrassment to stretch the upper and contextual in bright yellow but also to extend the lines of the foot. Make your feet look more slender.


Sandals wedge lace the most sought after in the summer shoes, but every girl losing Oh, and even Europe and the United States many of the body round the star put it down, so the style will make your legs more slender lines, the right to modification wide foot. feet from the front or side so that more whitening and thin it.


Latest fashion shoes styles for women are from online shop koreanjapanclothing.com!

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